33 - 032 Strategic Training 【 [Geek Point of View] → [Lilt Point of View]

 ◇Geek's Point of View

"d*mn ...... where are you! The Wizard Corps is at ......!"

 We sent out so many scouts, but less than 10% of them returned. And the only information we got were empty calls.

"That's funny ...... and what did you do!"

 Even if the success rate of the search is inevitable, it is unusual that only 10% of them come back.

"No way. ......"

 Are they reading our movements?

 I've only been able to find three teams. It's hard to believe that's all the scouts I've got.

"d*mn it ......, we're not reading each other, we're just throwing our forces at each other."

 We will fold up at once before they are ready.

 The route of advance is safe. Even if the wizards try something, there is no water source for them on the mountain side.

 It will take time to manipulate the weather by supplying only magic power. By my calculations, we should be able to overrun the area unilaterally for two days.

 And two days is based on the shortest possible time to make preparations. Unless we have predicted the route of this march, we will not make it in time.

 But .......

"What the ......?

 Something is wrong with the map.

"What's happening ......?

 A thick black cloud that covers the entire surface of the board.

"It's impossible ......"

 Why .......

"How could they do this with that army!"

 ◇ ◇

"I'm glad it worked out."

 The Wizard's troop worked better than expected.

 Now we'll be lucky if the impatient Geeks get more manpower for scouting and detachments. .......

"Oh ......, I see what you mean."

 A message is received from a unit sitting near the enemy's main camp.

 It seems that most of the soldiers have come out from the main camp.

 Probably, they have decided to take the fight to the enemy at once after receiving word of the discovery of the wizard unit.

 They seem to be coming around from a different route from the central army.

"It's about time the central forces collided with each other.

 The difference in troop strength is covered by weather and geographical advantage.

 It takes a day on the board for the weather to hit the opponent. .......

"We'll buy time with guerrilla tactics."

 Repeated surprise attacks are made day and night from units scattered throughout the mountains.

 The fire dragons are met with magical barriers and rock throwers.

 We should last a whole day.

 And then .......

"Here it comes: ......!"

 Drop by drop, they hit the mountainside, getting louder and louder.

 Thunder roared over the battlefield.