34 - 033 Strategic Training (7) [Geek Perspective]

 ◇Geek's point of view


 The thunderstorm and heavy rain that showed no sign of stopping made me emotional.

 Normally, I would have folded up before this happened.

 But the mountain was hit by a thunderstorm frighteningly quickly.

"You lucky bastard. ......"

 Such bad weather is impossible for a wizard to create.

 Then this is luck. The weather is the result of a simulation.

"I guess it rains here too, just that I didn't know it."

 It would be funny if it wasn't.

 Otherwise ...... what kind of magic could produce a thunderstorm that could cover the entire mountain?

 The dragon's momentum stops as if frightened by thunder.

 The fire dragon is useless now. Once the fire dragon has been defeated, the fire dragon is no longer useful.

"But I found the wizard: ......!"

 Even if this bad weather is due to a simulation, it is likely to be manipulated to some extent. No, otherwise the bad weather would affect both armies.

 Unfortunately, we do not have any wizard troops who can manipulate the weather.

 But in the end, once we have defeated the other wizard, all we have to do is to wait for the rain to stop.

I will show you that you cannot win by luck alone.

 Mysterious troops seen near the main camp.

 There was no way anyone other than a magician could have hidden them in such a place.

 A detachment would hit them and that would be the end of it.

"If they could have created this situation, they should have surrounded it with the main camp. ......

 This is why amateurs are so good and easy.

 They outperform their opponents by sheer force of will.

 This scenario is too perfect for the princess to lose interest.

"On the other hand, maybe I was lucky..."

 As I think about it, a separate unit is closing in on the throats of the wizard squadron that has been lurking around.

"Hmm ......, an ambush."

 But we have more men.

 Neither ambush nor surprise is very effective if you know it's there.

"They really are the picture of a small fish. ......

 After kicking out the ambushers, as the detachment closed in on the wizard's unit, an anomaly occurred: the wizard's unit was not able to get to the front of the ambushers.

"What the ......?"

 The unit that had been instructed to stall for time in the center suddenly collapsed.

"Why ...... is that ...... so stupid!"

 Impossible .......

 Impossible .......

"Our main camp has ...... fallen ......?"