35 - 034 Strategic Training (8)

"It's stuck."

 The enemy detachment is drawn to the main camp.

 Of course, the wizard's unit in a strange position is a decoy.

"Activate ambush and ...... then ......."

 Having a geographical advantage is really strong.

 We could almost see where the enemy would come from.

 It would have been very difficult if the situation had been reversed.

"It's time to decide the game.

 The pieces on this board are really well made.

 Usually when you encounter a demoralizing situation, your forces are actually greatly reduced. In some cases, if the soldiers are not regulars but farmers, they may begin to flee.

 We moved the strongest unit of our army - the wizard's unit, which had been placed near the enemy's position in advance, and attacked the almost deserted main camp.

"Well, the center has collapsed!"

 It's only a matter of time.

 The geek on the other side of us was red-faced and yelling at us.

You! What the hell did you do! This is not the way to do this: ......"

 I don't know how this battle looked to Geek, but it seems that the fall of the main camp was a fatal and unexpected event.

"We just had our strongest troops near your main camp from the beginning."

"That's stupid ......, there's no way your main camp or the army in the center can hold out if you do that."

"Is that so?"

"Yes! You can't just leave your strongest troops out of the line of fire with an army that would be nothing without the wizard in the first place. ......Wait. ......You can't possibly be ...... "

 That's when he finally realized.

"The most powerful unit on this side..."

"The Wizard ......"

 From the beginning, I had no intention of defending the Wizard's troop in the main camp.

 It would be better in this game to have the wizards near the enemy lines.

"Sending your trump card into enemy territory is ...... such a gamble, ...... and if it weren't for the weather, your main camp, which is not well defended by wizards, would have fallen!"

"No, it was only because the wizard was there that we were able to create this situation."

"What ...... no wait ......"

 Geek's main camp is almost a plain compared to our mountainous region.

 The reason why they set up their base there is because of the lake.

 Waterways are very effective in transporting supplies and securing water and food.

 But the source of the water was also of great importance to us.

"Don't tell me you created this thunderstorm by accident ......!"

 Geek nods in agreement.

 The pure magic of a wizard is not enough to manipulate the weather, but a water source is a different story.

"d*mn ......."

 As Geek muttered this, the glowing pieces on the board disappeared.

"I lose. ......"

 He told them in an uninterested tone.