38 - 037 Strategic training ⑪

 Saras' opponent is Eleonor.

 While Awen's battle was a clash of senses, both players seemed to move the board intelligently.

 As Merilia had said, Salas was good at reading his opponent's moves, while Eleonor's understanding of his own army made it possible for him to move his troops steadily even if he moved late.

 So, I thought that if I followed up on Salas's army, it would give me an advantage at once. .......

"This is ...... worse than Awen. ......"

 Saras's maneuvering methods were too optimized for the operation. Of course, this is perfect for the board, but it is a problem in this simulation game.

 If this were a game in which players only move pieces on the board, there would be no problem, but in a situation like the Geek War, where even the morale of the soldiers is reflected, it would be a little bad.

 The synergy of the army is completely disregarded.

 Each unit is trying to take the most appropriate action for each, and while locally Salas has the upper hand, looking at the overall situation, Eleonor's defense is so solid that there is no way to attack.

 On the other hand, Saras was in a hopeless situation in terms of defense, as each unit was moving separately without responding to each other.

 And there, perhaps, Geek's move is visible.

"Salas! Behind the main camp, three units are coming."

 Perhaps for the first time, Salas was on the back foot.

 He looks at the board again, looking for a breakthrough.

 No, wait. This is .......

"It's okay. The main line is a decoy."

 Even I couldn't see Salas's movements from my vantage point.

 Of course, he couldn't have known.

 Salas was advancing his main force, which was supposed to be in the main camp.

 Some of the individual units were a diversion. The main force was already in the enemy's sights.

"Amazing. ......"

 We are honestly impressed by their skillful military tactics, which we do not even notice from our vantage point.

 Saras, however, mutters confidently, "I'm not sure I can do it.

"But ......"

 Salas's plan worked.

 Using his own main camp as a decoy, he swooped down with his main force on the enemy's main camp. So far, the plan had worked as Salas had imagined.

"The enemy's main camp is more heavily defended than expected."

"N...... honestly, we underestimated them."

 Apparently, Salas did not expect a raid on his own headquarters.

 If the main camp was found to be empty, the surprise attack by the main force, which had been proceeding slowly up to this point, would no longer be feasible.

 It would then be a pure contest of strength. If they do so on the current board, ...... Salas will lose.

"Lilt,......, what should we do?"

 Salas looked at me for the first time and said.