39 - 038 Strategic Training ⑫

 The Salas operation was one step closer. It was going quite well, but two unforeseen circumstances destroyed the operation for Salas.

 The first was an attack on the main camp. It must have been Geek who set this up.

 However, the other unexpected thing, underestimating the power of Eleonor's defense, had a major impact on the operation.

"They were defending so well?"

 The defensive position is too solid to be seen only when the army is close to the enemy's main camp.

 Even if we had been able to hit the enemy's main body with our main force without being attacked by them, our chances of victory would have been doubtful.

 It may be simply because Eleonor's defense was excellent, or it may have been a bad match with Saras in the first place.

"The point where we have an advantage now is that our opponent has not yet captured all of our forces and is not moving. ......

 But it's only a matter of time before they find our main force and knock it out.

 Considering that the surrounding forces are also beginning to be reduced, even if it is just a diversion, we are quickly becoming outnumbered.

 I check the position of my forces once again.

 If Salas has set up a trap, either consciously or unconsciously, he might be able to make a breakthrough there. Fortunately, the troops in my army are quite independent and do not know the hopelessness of the situation, so it will not affect their morale as much as it did in the battle of Geek.

"But, Saras,...... how can you fight in this situation?"

"It's what you get used to. Dwarves are naturally good at local warfare, and when they realize it, it becomes a big swell that swallows up the enemy."

 Maybe he is the type of fighter who feels similar to Awen: .......

 To summarize the situation, the main battleground is a large flat area in the center of the city.

 However, there will be some places to hide in the trees and some raised areas suitable for setting up a stronghold.

 So far, Salas has deployed his army in pieces in these hiding places and has been dropping his opponent's bases in various places.

 In addition, a certain number of soldiers on both sides always collide with each other on the plains, which are the main battlegrounds.

"Did you gather your allies scattered around you every time you attacked?"


 Saras skillfully moved his troops so smoothly that even his allies, let alone his opponents, did not notice.

 Even Merillia could not see this. It is not surprising, however, that Merilia did not always keep an eye on the board.

"Create a shape that is compatible with the opponent's formation, using the surrounding units. Repeat."

"Is that normal for dwarves?"

"It's not common ......, but there are several generals who are good at this strategy."

 That's amazing.

 I can keep up with it now because it's still a simulation on a map, but if they did this on a real battlefield, they would surely fall apart for sure.

"The other side is the other side that keeps dodging an offensive of that magnitude, huh?"

"N...... Eleonor is strong."

 Any other opponent would probably not have been able to respond to this strategy and would have been easily defeated.

 Eleonor, however, is the type who concentrates on the operation of his army. She dealt with Saras's irregular military tactics at a minimum, and defended her army without any hesitation.

 The result was a fortress. In contrast, Salas is a guerrilla fighter.

 Now .......

 It is Merilia's job to read the endgame, but in this situation, she will not be able to reach a deadlock.

 Eleonor is a master defender, but his offensive lineup is probably only sparse, probably at the behest of the geeks.

"Saras, can I keep half your men?"

"hmm ......"

 The two men share the pieces on the board and face Eleonor and Geek once again.

 The Geek looked at them with a wry smile.