40 - 039 Strategic Training ⑬

"Salas, the enemy attack force will probably not come in any large numbers. If we deal with them calmly, we should be able to suppress them in the way we have been doing."


 I know I said I'd borrow half, but the rules only allow me to give advice.

 But that's good enough for Salas.

"What ......?"

"This is not a game where you can win only if you destroy the fortresses built by the enemy. We can build new strongholds."

"How do you ......"

 The strategy of Salas is to fight by gathering troops scattered in various locations.

 We will build our bases accordingly.

 Most of the enemy's forces are in that fortress. If the geeks attack, they will be few in number.

 While Salas holds them back, he builds up multiple bases.

 Just as I was starting to give out instructions, Merillia came over to us.

"Mr. Lilt. This is ......."

"I've read in the literature that this was a strategy used on the Western Front against opponents who were good guerrillas."

"Yes. ...... by a group of mercenaries from the Korland mercantile state. ......"

 The Empire was outnumbered and outgunned, but lacked the offensive skills to win the war.

"Saras seems to be good at guerrilla warfare as well, and I thought that if we could build a base, we could leave the rest to Melillia."

 It would be enough to keep the endgame more than even.

"Are you testing me ......?"

"No way."

"I don't have a choice. ...... Okay. Now that I understand what needs to be done, I'll take over from here."

 As soon as she says this, Merilia tells Salas about the move.

 Her steady direction is smoother and more precise than mine.

"Go take care of that side for me, please.

 She pointed to Awen and said, without taking her eyes off the board.

 ◊ ◇Awen

"Lilt. How do you see this situation?"

 He arrived at Awen's side and looked at the board.

"This is ......."

 The last time I looked, only one of the opponent's lines was placed in a meaningless or, more precisely, unintelligible position.

 But now, the board was lined with countless << seemingly meaningless units>, and Awen, who had no idea what to do, was stuck.

"Is this all that opponent's ......?"

"Yeah. But it totally changed the way I fight."

 In other words, it was a geek's idea.

 This strategy, at first glance, seems to be a meaningless lineup, but it also makes it difficult for us to jump in unintentionally.

 Awen is a sensible fighter, so this kind of strategy should be difficult to apply, but the change in the type of fighters seems to have stopped him in his tracks.

 Where should we start our attack? .......

 Awen, who is in a completely different direction from Salas, is also not playing the correct strategy in his army, and is in a messy situation in the final stages of the game.

 That would be a ...... gamble, and it would eliminate the story that he said he would rely on Merillia. .......

"Awen. Assuming we trust our senses, what happens if we let them ram into the enemy's main camp with only the enemy's main camp as a target?"

"Oh⁉ That's ...... that? That's a good way to think about it. ......"

"The enemy is thinly armed with meaningless positions on all sides. If we clash in the center, we can win, can't we?"

"Yeah, ...... there's a few places where they might try to mess with us, or where there's a hint of something fishy, but if we avoid them we might be able to make it."

Then go.

Are you sure?


 If Awen has that much sense of perception, he should be able to make a good game out of it.