43 - 042 Swordplay training ②

"On my signal, the puppets will attack you. Be mindful of this."

 I can feel the students' spirits rising.


 The black dolls attacked all at once.

 In some ways I had underestimated their sheer numbers, but this was a .......

"Each one of them is strong⁉"

 There is a force that makes it impossible to say that they are just dolls. Each of them was about 60% the strength of an average soldier.

"This, this magic alone can change the war. ......

 The unique magic called [Skill], perhaps a special power possessed by that man Cheb.

 A magic that creates an army with just one person going. I don't know how flexible this magic is, but I'm sure it's a great asset to the empire.

 We can't deal with a new army coming in from the side with a single sword.

 I've been using fists and kicks to deal with them, but it's a bit troublesome. .......

"Let's do it ......"

 Since you said self-enforcement is not a problem, let's give it a try.

 I reap the black group that was gathering and make a distance.

 ─ ─ Mental unification.

 Originally a method of concentration used by warriors to increase their own strength over time.

 It is a technique that takes approximately tens of seconds to a few minutes to develop one's ki and strengthen oneself for later battles.

"I had to do this in a few seconds to follow the princess's orders. ......"

 Three seconds is enough. Even one second is enough to have some effect.

 At the same time, I look around and see that more than half of the participants have already retired and become visitors.

"Hey, what's that guy ......?"

"The atmosphere has changed."

"It's not just the atmosphere. ...... isn't that a magic wave⁉?"

 The air around them creates a vortex as if caught up in it.

"Let's go!"

 Unlike before, it can smash a doll with a single blow.

 If you hit it with the energy of your own speed of movement, it will disappear.

"Wow. ......"

"It's like ...... dancing. ......

 You can afford to pay attention to your surroundings.

 The magician Merillia seems to have already retired and is gazing at us happily.

"Even though they spring up infinitely, there seems to be a time lag, and it seems that they can only be ...... uniformly strong."

 I thought about going for the puppets or generals that are particularly strong, if there were any, but that doesn't seem to be the case. I don't know if they can't or not.

"Well, maybe it would be faster to just go in there and get violent."

 I don't know what to base my evaluation on, but I will try to defeat as many of them as possible.

 It is better than just trying to survive. If we make it to that point, whatever malicious intentions the lecturers may have, it shouldn't be a bad thing here. .......

"And it's starting to get a little fun."

 You can even afford to compete with the awen next to you to see how many you can kill in one blow.

 So far, I have only focused on making the battle action quick and easy, but I have heard that a good-looking victory is good for the morale of the army.