44 - 043 Swordplay training ③

"All that's left is ......."

 Saras is swinging his great axe and reaping the enemy.

 Awen is also strong. No one here can beat Awen in simple physical combat.

 And .......



 I've heard that nobles are particular about their swords, and Geek is no exception, skillfully using his two-handed sword against the doll.

 He is not as bold as Sarath or Awen, but he is solid.

 And the last one.

"Ha! Haaaaah!"


 She has an unimaginable spirit when she's usually lazily playing the geek's cronies.

"Well, I guess ...... I'll have to see who can stay with Awen."

 Self-enhancement can be reapplied periodically.

 I didn't feel like I could lose to Awen in a physical contest.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

"Hmm, very nice. Isn't it wonderful, Lilt?"

 In the end, the issue was never settled in class time.

 Just as Geek was about to reach his limit, Lt. Cheb called a halt, and for some reason I was the only one called forward.

He was outstanding. You don't look strong at first glance, but you dance like the wind and your actual power is reminiscent of a dragon."

 He says this in a good mood while fiddling with his beard, which is his pride and joy.

 What is it ......?

 Including Major General Girn's advice, this Lieutenant Cheb was treated with caution. And he had been talking and acting in a way that he looked down on us who are not nobles, and we knew from our investigation until today that he actually thinks in such a way.

 After I gave only vague replies to him, he finally made a statement that got to the heart of the matter.

"If it's this great, I can't wait to see what you can do at the Cologne front.

"The Cologne front⁉"

 Merilia was the first to react.

"Oh, Merilia. You know."

Of course. The worst battlefield on the southern front ...... is not the one to send new recruits to."


 There are several areas on the southern front where we are considered to be outnumbered.

 The worst of these was the Cologne front.

 After the alliance with the Duchy of Palm, the Republic of Celestia is said to have first allocated its forces to recapture the land of Cologne.

 Although they have the advantage of being able to siege in an enemy territory that they are not familiar with, they are not fighting as well as they would like. They are now in a disastrous situation, moving with a devilish strategy of guerrilla warfare scattered in the surrounding mountains and suicide attacks to inflict secondary damage while inflicting the first damage on the enemy.

"But now all the empires are short of manpower. I'll be fine. They're this good. I'm sure they'll be very useful."

 Lieutenant Cheb, his mouth twisted in a grin, looked at Geek and laughed, but not at me.