45 - 044 Second letter

"Mr. Lilt. You must never go to Cologne.

But I'm not the one who decides that, am I?

"Yes, ...... but ......"

 After the lecture, he was summoned to Merilia for another secret meeting.

 She is attentive to the popularity of her surroundings, and again deploys her covert magic to get into the conversation.

Or can you do something on Merilia's authority?

"If I had been in the castle, but now that I'm here at the training school and an apprentice officer, I can't ...... help you."

"Then I'll just follow your instructions."

"But ...... it's like going to die unnecessarily for no reason."

 A statement that should never be leaked.

 Merilia is a member of the royal family, even though she came to the training school. It was as if she was denying the very act of the people who were now risking their lives in the field.

"You must have a reason to live."

 Then he took out the letter again.

"The second letter."

"I don't know. There might actually be more. But I know that, yes, it's the second one.

 Check the contents.

 The text was generally the same as before.


 Such language was added.

"There must still be a way back."

No, sir.

 I came out on my own.

 Such selfishness is unacceptable just because it is no longer convenient for you.

"If you insist, ...... I'll go to the Cologne front too."

"How could that be?"

"Basically, it is an honor in the Reich to go to an inferior front. You can't stop it."

"What's the point of ...... then?"

"I don't want to kill my schoolmates in cold blood."

"If you say that, I'm going to have to follow all my classmates around."

"So ...... you don't want to lose a promising imperial force in a place like this?"

"For what it's worth, it seemed like a good idea to return to the kingdom."

"You're already ...... mean ......."

 Melillia's mouth twitches.

"Because I care about you. I don't want you to die."

 Merilia looks straight at me and says such a thing.

 She looked like she couldn't take it if we took her seriously.

"Thank you. But you don't have to come.

"God d*mn it! Can't you give us some kind of response?

 After all, perhaps Merillia herself did not seem to have an accurate grasp of her own emotions.

"I'll take that as a good thing that I knew early on where I was going next," she said. As long as you are prepared, you will be fine.

"Maybe you would. ......"

 Every battlefield is a place where lives are at risk.

 It may be difficult to be sent to the battlefield suddenly, but it's not easy. .......

"It's not that easy to die."

 Compared to the princess's reckless demands, jumping into a deadly place seems to be nothing.