48 - 047 Third change

"So this is the Ring Castle: ......"

 The Ring Castle, a way station from the training school to the southern front.

 We took a rest in the form of making a base in the castle town.

"Mr. Lilt ......"

 Melillia looks worried because when we leave this waypoint, it will be goodbye.

"You don't have to look so worried ......"

"I'll give up trying to hold you back now, but you have to keep your ...... promise."

"I know."

 I'll do my best to keep it that way.

"Well, this is the last delivery I can make. I'll find another way next time. Use something you trust."

 Merillia then presents the letter.

 The third letter.

 It was unmistakably the princess's letter.

 But after a quick glance at it, I felt something very strange about its contents.

 How do I know that? Don't take too many licks from me.

 I know what I'm talking about.

 So, um, ...... how are you doing?

 Can't you at least send me a reply?

 What the hell do they think they're doing after all I've done for them?

 I'm not talking about ......, I'm talking about the fact that when I get back, I'm not going to just leave you alone.

 Anyway, be well.

 You'll live no matter what.

 That's an order.

 If you break it, you'll be in big trouble this time.

"This is ......."

"I'm sorry to say that the atmosphere has changed."

 The biggest reason for my discomfort is that she no longer says, "Come back.

"Mr. Lilt, how much do you know about the situation in the Kingdom of Asteria?"

"I'm not particularly proactive right now ......."

"I see. Then let me simply say that there is a growing discontent among the people in the country, especially in the capital.

It's nothing new. ......

 Asteria has not always had good rulers.

 Royalty and nobility had many privileges, and the people's dissatisfaction with the privileged classes was always simmering.

"Perhaps, but I think it is more serious than ...... Lilt thinks."

The People's Army of the Resistance.

"Did you know that much? I only learned about it recently, but ...... you're right, the movement is growing, and some of the nobility have been injured."

"I see. ......"

"At the time when Mr. Lilt was here, you would have taken care of it in advance. ......"

 I know it's overblown, but it's true that I was born a commoner, or rather an orphan, and ended up serving a princess, so I was very mobile in that respect.

 In a sense, the popular resistance was a good way to vent the people's frustration, and the nobles and the royal family were tacitly accepting of the existence of the resistance. However, it is a problem if there is no one who can control the balance of the resistance.

 And if it is connected to other countries, the situation will become worse at once. .......

 It might be bad if the princess of the empire of the hypothetical enemy country knows the movements of the princess.

"Well, it doesn't matter to me now. ......"

"Maybe so."

 Quietly, Merillia gazed at the starry sky with a hint of a smile on her face.