49 - 048 A rare visitor

"Hey. Get up."

What's going on?

 At night, while I was sharing a room with Awen, I had an unexpected visitor.

 Awen was sleeping soundly, but I was awake because I'm a short sleeper by nature. .......

"I need to talk to you."

 Geek had come to me alone, without any friends or family.

 ◇ ◇

"How much do you know about the devastation at the Cologne front?"


"d*mn it, ......, you only have to figure it out once. You're a f*cking moron.

 I didn't ask back because I didn't understand.

 It was because there was a hint of concern in his voice.

 Anyway, to answer your question.

"How far ...... can you go on a battlefield commanded by a belligerent lieutenant general who likes to fight hard and who is outnumbered? A hell where men are thrown away like hot water, that's what the rumors say."

"Yes. But that's not all. Okay? You have to know a little more about the hell you're going to."

 Geek looks at me.

 I can't quite grasp his intentions, but they don't seem malicious, and even if they were, there's no reason not to listen.

 I'm sure he would avoid pulling each other's legs now that the march has begun.

"First of all, the lieutenant general in command: ...... Lieutenant General Gugain. He is one of the Empire's best generals with a hundred battles under his belt. But his strategy is very hard."

 Geek explains with a diagram on the ground.

"What would you do if you had 10 men on your side and 10 on the enemy's, Rilt?"

"If it's even, I'd prefer not to play the game as much as possible in the first place. ......"

"Yes. Normally, you plan your strategy based on the damage to your troops. In this situation, it is normal to move to create an advantage.

 Normally," he said. And Lieutenant General Gugain is .......

"Not normal. He is convinced that if we are even, we can win. Even if we are outnumbered, if the difference in strength is twice as great, we will bounce back. That's how good he is."

"That's outrageous. ......"

"Yes. That's why it's difficult for the Imperial Guard to interfere with Lieutenant General Gugain. As I was saying, if it's 10 against 10, Lieutenant General Gugain wants to win 1 against 0."

"It's ......."

 That means he is willing to sacrifice 9 allies.

 And now I must be one of those 9.

"Most of the people who are sent to Lieutenant General Gugain are idiots with a lot of energy. A good mouthpiece for the Empire. You were chosen to be there, you know what you have to do?"

 The story of sending the action-oriented idiots to the front line was one that Geek had told me in his lectures.

"Acting competent and dynamic," he said.

"If you can. Lieutenant Cheb is quite close to Lieutenant General Gugain. I'm not taking you as a pawn in this war.

 It is true that, despite what he said and did, that magic had an impact on the war situation.

 So, the fact that Lt. Cheb chose to take him with him does not have to be taken as a bad thing.

"But why bother with ...... anyway?"

 What amazes me is that Geek came to me like this to talk about this.

"I guess you owe it to yourself to come back alive. I serve this country as an Imperial nobleman, and I am an Imperial soldier now. This much is obvious."

"I see."

 Obligation to return home alive.

 Melillia talked about it all the time.

"On the contrary, you have no reason to jump into a deadly situation like this. Why fight?"

 Why .......

 I think about it, but I can't come up with a quick answer.

 I'm only here to run away from the princess, to get to this place, to get away from her.

"I don't think I can survive in the land of the dead with a belief I can't explain. Why don't you just go back home?

 You can see that Geek dared to tell him so, as if to provoke him.

"I'll think about it. "I'll think about it, but I'm an Imperial soldier and I'm going to do it right.

"Hmm ......"

 Geek turns away and walks away as if he has nothing more to say.

"No matter how ugly and nasty you try to live your life, it won't hurt you if you're not a nobleman. You may crawl on the ground, but at best you'll live."

"All right."

 With these final words, Geek left the place.

"The night is not yet over. ......"

 She is able to move with little or no sleep because she lives a life that meets the princess's needs.

"I should at least do some exercise to prepare myself for not dying."

 I can't die after Merilia and Geek went to all the trouble of nailing me.

 I decided to sweat it out until it was time to leave.