50 - 049 Lieutenant General Guguain

"I brought you a live one. General Gugain.

Thank you, Lieutenant Cheb.

 A few days from Lind Castle.

 Awen and I were taken to Lieutenant General Gugain, who was in command of operations on the Cologne front.

"So, you are the new pawns."

 A man larger than Lt. Cheb, and with a belly that was so big it was almost ugly to look at, was Lieutenant General Gugain.

"Thank you for your time ......."

"Good. I don't like this nonsense. I'm going to give you a mission right away.

"Mission ......?"

 We wondered what the hell we were supposed to be doing right after we arrived, but before we could even gather our thoughts, Lieutenant General Gugain roughly placed the papers in front of us as if to throw them away.

"Read through the documents. Read through them and do what is written on them.

 I quickly skimmed through it, and found a map of the enemy forces and profile information on important persons.

 The format of this document is .......

"Assassination ......?"

"Hmm. You're a smart guy. But that's not all. Sometimes all you need to do is extract information."

 If you look closely, you can see that even those who are too hard to kill have been picked out.

 Some of them are the enemy's ace-class, and some of them are general commanders in the first place.

"My apologies.

 I formally apologize for the lack of confirmation.

 Without seeming to mind, Lieutenant General Gugain continued.

"However smart you may be, I'm afraid you don't have the core of an Imperial soldier.

 I'm shocked.

 Coincidentally, this is exactly what Geek had told me a few days before.

"Noblemen are trustworthy in their own right. A nobleman has credibility in that alone...credibility to work hard for the empire......... but you have none. You are not bound by blood. I would sooner kill a man on the front lines than risk giving him weapons, information, or service."

 General Gugain, with an aura that could be described as ominous, approaches me and tells me so.

 His spirit was truly worthy of a man who has fought a hundred battles, the pride of the Empire.

"But this time is special. Every time you play an active role, this man's life will be prolonged."


 Lieutenant General Gugain tells him, pointing to Awen beside him.

"Okay? Unlike you, he's just a useful piece. A piece is only a piece to be used and destroyed, and it is up to me to decide when to destroy it.

 That's what I mean: .......

"Every time you bring back information, I'll delay sending this man to the front."

"Lilt, don't worry about it. I'll be fine whether I'm on the front line or not."

 Awen says so, but there are often problems that cannot be managed by individual military power.

 In particular, Awen is a type with a concentrated talent, and if he comes at you with a lure, he may get you all at once.

 If you attack mainly with physical attacks, you will be at a disadvantage against enemies with large numbers.

"How much ...... is one piece of information?"

"Three days. The first grace period will be ten days.

"Yes, sir."

"Well. You give up? I thought you might be a little less insistent on the terms."

"No, no, no."

 First one within 10 days, then within 3 days .......

 That's more than enough time.

 The Princess asked for five times the speed.

"Thank you for your concern."

"d*mn ...... enough. You said Awen. You're not just a hostage. You're going to show me what you're made of."

"Oh. Leave it to me.

"Well ......, you certainly have brought a lively bunch here, Lieutenant Cheb."

 General Gugain, whose attitude towards me and Awen was unexpected, shifted his point of view to Lieutenant Cheb.

 But Lt. Cheb is used to this, and he ducks the blow.

"I am honored by your compliments.

"Well, good. You're going to die. ...... again."

 Again ......?

 Lt. Cheb replied, his expression unwavering.

"I would gladly give my life for the sake of the Empire."

"That's a good attitude. A soldier of the Empire, a nobleman, should be."

 The two of them seemed to be connected by some strange relationship value.

"Lilt. Don't worry about me. You can do whatever you want to do."

"Thank you."

 Awen sent me off with a big smile to reassure me.