55 - 054 Lewin=Giltark


Ha-ha-ha! You're done!"

 Rostel's triumphant face.

 Even with all the disguise magic around me, someone had managed to get to me.

"Didn't I just tell you? Despair, I say! The most powerful assassin under General Clyde! It's Mr. Llewyn!

Is this one of the Four?

"Yes! Come on, Master Lewin! Please send this traitor to ......⁉"


 The story, based on the documents, Rostel and other testimonies, is that he is a general, but he is an eccentric man who infiltrates and assassinates himself, but is he really here? .......

 Well, we'll see if it's a fake or not later.

 I don't have time for this.

That's my job, okay?"


 He makes eye contact with Löwin, who lifts Rostel's head with one hand.

 The sight of him lifting the ugly, fat Lostel, with his slender ...... arms that cover his entire body almost up to his face in a kind of black cloth, or perhaps even his face, would certainly be an awe-inspiring one to behold.

"Let's have it back."

 I'm already in time.


 Llewyn instantly drops the rostle and reaches into his pocket.

 But .......

"Too slow."

 A moment's engagement.

 He cuts off the head and forces it into the magic item without spilling a drop of blood.

"What is ......?"

 Rostel didn't seem to know what had happened.

"So this guy was spitting out information with a lot of confidence."

"Hee ...... wait! How's that? I'll give you money! The money is ...... uh, ......."

 Rostel is flabbergasted and flustered.

 From his gaping back, he delivered a fatal blow where it appeared he had fallen.

"Now all we have to do is make a big deal about this place ...... and set it up that this maid went back to the countryside in shock after seeing her master die ...... and then we'll have a cover story for the lewyn from earlier."

 It was fortunate that the target we were looking for jumped into our pockets like this.

 Perhaps Llewyn did not understand that I had lured him here, or what was in this room.

 He was lured in because he was good at what he did.

 But with a guy of this caliber, I'm sure I can get at least one more before I get back to .......