56 - 055 Commander Owen


"Oh, Lilt! That was fast!"

After I finished talking with Lieutenant General Gugain, I went to visit Awen, who said he was nearby.

"This is ......."

I had expected to find him alone at the training facility wielding a sword, but contrary to my expectations, Awen was training to be a commander.

The soldiers he was leading were Lieutenant Cheb's black magic puppets.

The black puppets move in accordance with Awen's instructions.

Interestingly enough, the magical dolls are faithful to the instructions, and if Awen's instructions are not precise, they move unexpectedly. Each time, Awen scratches her head and somehow manages to give the correct instructions again.

As he watches, Lieutenant Cheb, the magician, appears from behind him.

"Oh, well, are you sure you want to be here? You don't have much time, do you?"

"I was returning to report."

"Well, if you're at ......, why not? You should take a look.

As he said this, black soldiers were being produced to face Awen's soldiers.

"They are evenly outnumbered. There are about 500 or so. This is how he is learning about formation and command.

Five hundred may be a small number for an entire army, but when lined up like this, it is quite a large number.

It is indeed a great source of learning through practice how to set up the formation and how to instantly recognize the opponent's formation and make them collide with each other.

My soldiers do not fear death. Although their fighting ability itself is not as good as that of well-trained soldiers, they can still be useful if you give them the right instructions, and this is why ......."

"It's optimized for crush."


You can see it in the battle of Awen.

Usually, a formation is a phase. We assess our opponent's formation and hit him with the one that is advantageous to us.

The battle is fought by the expectation and practice. .......

"We dare to form the same formation."

"The same formation creates the most intense battlefield, you know.

It certainly made sense.

This is the best that Lieutenant Cheb can do with this magic.

It would cause tremendous damage to the opponent with little damage to us.

But Lt. Cheb, or rather Lt. General Gugain, forces this on his own soldiers.

That is why this battlefield is always a battleground.

As I watch Awen's training, I think about the following.

As soon as I tell Lieutenant General Gugain that I have already assassinated a key person in the principality, both Awen and I will be involved in the war in the region.

Fortunately, Awen was able to avoid being used as a pawn in the battlefield, but it is still a fierce war zone.

I wanted to think a little more about how to make sure that both of us would survive in this battlefield.

That's why I kept it a secret that I had already assassinated .......

"Three days at the most."

I'll have to think of something in the meantime.