61 - 060 

"So that's why Geek was so blindsided by me ......?"

 Alone in the woods at the eastern edge of the empire, I gather my thoughts.

"But this is ...... pretty bad, isn't it?"

 The Popular Army 《Resistance》was originally an enemy of the royal family and was organized for that purpose.

 The royal family accepted the necessity of the resistance, which is why it was not eradicated like the bandit groups.

 This time, however, they have overstepped the bounds of what is acceptable.

 Of course, there is no need to defend the Popular Army 《Resistance》 .......

"If they are connected to other countries, there is no reason for them to be here. ......"

 But for the moment, there seemed to be no one in the kingdom who could stop them.

 If this continues, it could really shake the country. .......

 It would be easy to suppress the situation if the information was delivered. .......

"Well, it's none of my business now, I guess."

 The orphanage where I was born and raised is no longer there, and everyone is probably still alive.

 There is no one I can call my relatives, and if I have any attachment to them, it is .......

"Well, Princess ...... says that no life will be taken."

 It is the strongest negotiating card of all.

 After all, it was the king who allowed such selfishness.

 When weighed against his life, it is not surprising that he would give up at least the western part of his domain. Of course, there will be many behind-the-scenes battles before that.

"Well, now that I've heard about it, I can at least take some countermeasures.

 There are plenty of ways to get the letter to the princess without showing up at this place.

"I wonder what he's doing ......"

 I'm amazed at my own inconsistent behavior of going out of my way to interfere when I've come out on my own. .......

 Well, I've come this far. It's a little late for that, isn't it?

"But still, ......"

 What shall I write out .......

 I mean, he said he'd at least give me a letter, and I wouldn't be so evil, but still, it's a letter from a servant who left on his own. .......

"Well, at the very least, let them know that someone from the empire is involved in this matter."

 There are many ways to go, such as running away or asking for support from King's Landing.

There's no time to waste, so let's get on with it.

 As he was about to leave, there was a change in Sir Callum, who was observing him.

"That's ......."

 I thought it was an empty hut, but then Sir Callum began to move furniture around unnaturally.

 If he had to, he could have given the young men instructions when they were around.

 Which means that .......

"Something's up."

 I change my observation point and approach cautiously.

 I spy a figure through the window, but for some reason even that begins to close, so I magically probe the interior.

 I started to move something around, and after a while, I found .......

"What? ......?"

 It's gone.

 No sign of it.