62 - 061

"Even though Sir Callum was a military man, he didn't seem to be ...... highly skilled in magic or other ...... skills."

 This means that .......

"magical tools ......"

 We don't know anything about it except that it has disappeared.

 The most likely effect is to interfere with magic detection ......, but given that even the presence is gone, this may not be the case.

 It's hard to imagine, but if it could completely disappear from the scene, .......

 No, I don't think they know we're following them.

 If they know I'm moving, they must have already done something to me.

 With this much time, I can escape as much as I want.

"Let's go in and check it out: ......"

 If we don't know what happened inside, there is a possibility that there is no point in even sending a letter to Hime-sama in the first place.

 We decide to go, despite the risk.

"Let's see what happens first.

 In the forest, the surroundings are full of animals.

 It is not well known that even wild animals can reproduce our intended movements to some extent if they are handled properly.

 Just as a bird carries a letter or a horse carries a person, wild animals can be trained.


 A small wild bird perched on his finger is released and directed straight to the window of the shed.

 It makes a small thumping sound.

 Whatever the magic tool is, it's been hidden for a long time. I thought that even a small noise would elicit some kind of reaction. .......


 I continued to gradually increase the size of the animals, trying to get their attention from inside the shed by making noises and letting them get closer. .......

"No response at all. ...... means ......"

 More advanced magical tools than I thought .......

"Transference or ......⁉"

 Lost magic . Among the ancient magical tools that have survived of this technology, there is a tool that connects distant places.

 And I knew then from reading the books that the empire had some of these tools.

 I approached the hut cautiously and searched the inside of the hut. .......

"I knew it was ......"

 Only a large grimoire with a magic circle on it remains.

 Lord Callum was already gone.

"The destination is ......."

 The magic circle is analyzed from the letters of the magic circle.

 Although the language is unfamiliar to us, it is not unreadable if we know that the purpose of use is to transfer.

"Can't we get the coordinates to ...... in the southern part of the empire?"

 However, it is said that this magical tool can transfer us to the very side where we are fighting.

 Of course, I wouldn't think of using it to go back to the other side without knowing what it's like on the other side. .......

"So Geek was providing information to his father."

 Lord Callum's actions were not wrong as an Imperial soldier.

 Neither was the Geek.

 If anything, as an Imperial soldier, I am the one who is wrong.

"But ......"

 Maybe it's because I've followed you for so many years: .......

 My body refused to let the princess be in danger.

"It's the least I can do."

 It would be too self-indulgent of me to interfere in such a way as to destroy the whole plan.

 Just giving this information to the princess would be a problem if she found out.

 Still, .......

"Please deal with this information alone. Princess."

 I think, having the encrypted letter carried by a bird.

"If they're going to do it anyway, at least do it without my knowledge. ......"

 The letter flew through the sky carrying the selfish butler's wish.