63 - 062 Special Attack Mission

"Rejoice. I have a mission for you."

 Immediately after our return from Kalm, Lieutenant General Gugain summoned me, Awen, and Lieutenant Cheb and told us to go to a new war zone.

 It seems that the plan had already been prepared, since he had summoned Lt. Cheb as soon as he was informed of the assassination.

"On the Cologne front, two of the four officers who had been troublesome disappeared. Both sides now had a reason to move.

 Lieutenant General Gugain said of the four.

"The two who died were good at fighting off the board. But the other two, these guys were full military men."

 The one I assassinated was almost an intelligence officer, an assassin at best, more specialized in his individual abilities than in the so-called military.

 The other was also said to be the strongest in single combat, but his ability to command an army was not appreciated.

"Walker commanded the cavalry, said to be the strongest in the Duchy of Celestia. And Tyrell, the actual commander who is entrusted with nearly 80% of the command authority by the enemy general Clive. I give you the task of defeating these two men on the battlefield."

"Do you have a plan if you are going to ...... on the battlefield?"

 Lieutenant Cheb interjects.

 If the mission is to kill an enemy general, they usually prepare the way for us to concentrate on that.

 However, Lieutenant General Gugain's words were a big disappointment to us.

"You will have to make the cut."

"What ......?"

 I couldn't help but look up into Lieutenant General Gugain's face.

"What's wrong? Can't you do it?"

Leave it to me. I will bring back the head of the enemy general. Even if it kills me.

That's a good idea. You kill the enemy general and we'll advance on the main camp when the enemy army is in disarray.

 In other words, we will run through the enemy lines by ourselves, and if we fail to kill the enemy general, we will be crushed in the midst of the enemy army.

"Hey ...... if I'm not mistaken, isn't this telling us to die?"

 Awen says this in a whisper.

 And he was not wrong.

 We had to jump into the middle of the enemy line with only three men and take out two of the strongest enemy generals on the Cologne front.

What? There's a lieutenant. You are a great army all by yourselves!"

 Lieutenant General Gugain told me this with a twisted mouth.

◇ ◇

"You guys seem to like each other a lot."

 As soon as the conversation was over, Lt. Cheb started to say something like that.

"They like you ......?"

"Think about it, Awen. There were several possibilities for your future. One was to die as pawns. The second is that Lilt continues to work as an assassin using Awen's body as leverage. And this mission is the third. Of all the possibilities, you have shown the way to the most highly regarded military officer of all."

 Awen looked unconvinced.

 Well, of course he was. If he died before he was recognized, he would have lost everything.

 Seeing Awen's expression, Lt. Cheb added

"Hmm. ....... On the battlefield of a lieutenant general, most of the allied pieces that emerge will die. But on the other hand, do you know which ones will survive?"

"Survive ......?"

"The answer is simple. The soldiers of the lieutenant general's follower do not die. Strangely enough. It's mostly a bunch of idiots who die."

 I see.

"This mission you've been assigned, this is exactly what you're supposed to be doing, standing on the side of not dying."

 You mean that Lieutenant General Gugain may have a plan of his own.