64 - 063 What's missing

"What do you want me to do, then?

 When they are far away from the lieutenant, Awen starts to shout uncontrollably.

"That magic of Lt. Cheb's is going to be the key, isn't it?"

"You're as calm as always. ...... Well, I feel like I could handle it if you were here. By magic, you mean the magic doll, right?"

"Yeah. How many of them has Awen seen in all the time you've been training together?"

"I kept 500 and dealt with 1,000, so ......"

 You can get roughly 1,500 of them.

 Depending on how you look at it, 1,500 soldiers who don't die is quite a force to be reckoned with.

 The battlefield is a battle of strength. If your energy is unlimited, your opponent will be upset.

 And considering that it was only the three of us who had to protect them, it was just barely a feasible strategy to surround them with 1,500 immortal soldiers, charge in, take out the enemy general, and leave in confusion.

"No matter how well protected we are,......, can't Lilt learn Lieutenant Cheb's magic? I'm going to make sure I can get about 100,000 out of that, too."

"You can't. ......"

 That's not magic anymore, it's a skill. Only Lt. Cheb could have used it.

 It's hard to believe that he would kill such a valuable force. The more I think about it, the more I realize that there is something else at play here.

 And perhaps Lieutenant General Gugain can already see the road to a deadlock on this front.

"Not even Lilt can do that. That lieutenant is amazing. ......"

 Awen was right that the magic was definitely out of the ordinary.

"Yes, it is. It's an amazing technology."

"But what are you going to do about it then, ......?"

"Well, I think we can do it just in time, don't you?

"Seriously. If Lilt says so, maybe so, but ...... what are you actually going to do?"

 By the time I got here, I already had information about the enemy general in my head.

 Lieutenant Cheb's magic, Awen's fighting skills, and me ....... I think we'll be fine until we kill the enemy general.

"Maybe, but the enemy officer can beat me and Awen one on one."

"Well, if it wasn't, there wouldn't even be any point in doing such a crazy thing like this ......."

 That's not a problem.

"Then how do you propose to get them into a one-on-one fight?"

"No, that's probably okay too."

 Considering the nature of the officers, if they get out of hand to some extent, they will come and take care of it themselves.

 We can make the necessary preparations for that.

 So far, this is probably what Lieutenant General Gugain has in mind.

"Well, let's go to ......"

"The problem is that after that, we're going to survive."

 Even if we defeat the enemy general without any problems, there is no guarantee that we will return home alive afterwards.

 In order to survive, we need to have enough energy left to run through the chaos of the battlefield at the end.

 It would be a different story if we had something like that grimoire that Sir Callum used. ...... Well, there's no use lamenting what we don't have.

"If the lieutenant's magic is so valuable, he's not going to leave us all to die, is he?"

 Awen is right.

 I'm pretty excited about that part too. .......

"I'm a little concerned about this. Maybe we can find out something about Lt. Cheb, but I think it's better to take care of it ourselves than to spend time on it."

"I see. ...... Well, I'll leave that to you, Lilt. If push comes to shove, I'll go on a rampage and let you go."

I'll do my best to make sure that doesn't happen."

 We laughed at Awen's encouraging words and prepared for the decisive battle.