65 - 064 First Battle

"It's finally time. ......"

 Awen mutters nervously.

"Hmm. "Well, if you're too stiff, you'll make the horse nervous.

 Lieutenant Cheb, standing proudly between me and Awen, says so.

 As he said, Awen's horse was breathing hard.

"You've got a good horse, sir."

"It will be. We have to break through the enemy lines before anyone else does.

 The lieutenant looks ahead to the great army of the Duchy of Celestia.

 It is led by the remaining two of the four generals, Walker and Tyrell.

Awen, do you see them?

One of them.

 Tyrell is probably the one at the far end of the large army, inspiring his allies.

 Walker is the cavalry commander. He must be in that army by now.

Even if you can't see him, you can be sure he's in the center of that cavalry."

 Lieutenant Cheb was right.

 In short, we were going head-to-head in the middle of the enemy lines with the cavalry, the most powerful force the Duchy of Celestia had ever boasted of.

"It's about time."

 The lieutenant crouched down and prepared to jump out at any moment.

 Awen and I follow suit and are ready to go. .......


Woah woah woah woah woah woah.""""""

 The troops move in unison at the call of Lieutenant General Gugain.

 Our job was to run at the front of the column, first of all, so as not to be jostled by our allies.

"Wow! ......"

 Even though we have not yet collided with the enemy, we are still hit by the heat of the battle.

 First the cavalry like us will collide with them, but before that .......

"Enemy magic attack detected! Prepare for impact!"

 Just as the shouts by the messenger reach us, several large magic shots like a mass of flames are shot out from the enemy line.


"It's okay. They won't come around here."

"Oh ......"

 A horse supports Awen, who is startled and nearly loses his balance.

 Of course, we have magic barriers and interceptors, but dozens of people were still blown away by the current attack.

 But we were not to be outdone.

"Go, go, go, go!"

 A huge ice plunges almost into the center of the enemy line.

 Formation is meaningless while the magic troops are still alive. .......

 From here on, it's a head-on collision.

 The magic forces begin to narrow their sights on each other's wizards.

"Let's collide!"

 They braced themselves against the voice of Lieutenant Cheb and clashed with the enemy cavalry.