66 - 065 Raid


 Awen swings his long sword with the force of his rush.


"Gahaha ......"

 Awen's swing blows his enemies away in one fell swoop.

"What the hell is that guy⁉"

"He's new here!"

 It was a good move that struck fear into the hearts of the enemy and boosted the morale of the allies.

"Dance! Magic dolls."

 Almost simultaneously, Lt. Cheb's magic is deployed.

"d*mn⁉ What the hell!

 The other team is shaken up.

 The death-defying troops were of great significance in this clash of cavalry battles.

 The forceful technique of jumping into the horse's feet and causing the enemy to fall over greatly reduced the enemy's strength.

"Lilt! You just concentrate on the enemy general!"


 Thanks to their efforts, I can concentrate on searching for the enemy.

 Already, the area around us is a mixed bag.

 The infantry is catching up with us, and it's getting messy.

 But Lt. Cheb's magic doll played a great role in this chaos.

 As we had hoped, the black magic dolls were swarming around us like a wall, and we were getting deeper and deeper into the enemy lines.

"I was prepared for this, but we're getting pretty isolated. ......"

"Don't worry, I'm sure they're having a harder time with Lt. Cheb's magic puppet than I thought they would."

"Indeed, the low skill level of the Duchy of Celestia is astonishing."

 I thought you said that our people are 70 to 80% of the average soldier's strength.

 The fact that they don't die has caused confusion, and as a result, the magic dolls are overrunning them at the rate of one kill apiece.

"Now all we have to do is find the enemy general..."

 Tyrell should be able to meet them eventually if he continues to cut through the enemy lines.

 The problem is the walkers. They had already beaten down a lot of the cavalry, but there was no sign of them.

It's weird not to see them.

"Maybe they're afraid of us. ......

 That was as far as Lt. Cheb could go.

"Hey ......⁉"

 Awen's face turns startled.

 And I probably had the same look on my face.


"This isn't good, Lilt!"

 Awen's shout brought me back to myself.

 My lieutenant is dead.

 A moment's crossfire and he was decapitated.