80 - 079 Aleria's Residence ②

"Gather everyone who can fight, just in case, and get the horses ready."

"Haha ......"

 The unreliable deputy steward is given a few instructions.

 The only way reinforcements would come is if the king got wise and dispatched the knights to protect them early.

 We can't rely on such wishful thinking. Reinforcements would be a miracle.

"We'll fight ...... on our own, no, we have to run ......."

 But Kilik's head is still spinning.

 He has no way to escape.

 Aelyria is the westernmost city in the kingdom. The counties that govern this area are far away, and Kilik himself could not bear the thought of traveling over the mountains.

 There are some nobles who have established a base in Aelyria, but they cannot afford to be sheltered from a mob that has swelled to several hundred.

"I don't think we can ...... make it to King's Landing."

 The only road to the capital, which is the only road to the city, will of course be blocked.

"I'm considering surrendering ...... and I'm going to give my father a lot of trouble ......."

 The unruly princess was no longer there.

 Kilik knew her own worth.

 From a sober point of view, Kilik was a powerful card that the mob should use to keep her alive.

 It would be difficult not to attack him in such a remote place, all by himself.

"The military would have moved originally. ......"

 Kirik no longer believes that the military functions outside of King's Landing.

 Under the influence of Riit, the local military had nothing to do. Kilik understood that it would be difficult for those who had been accustomed to this corrupt life to work again.

 Then, there was no way for Kilik to survive.

 Even if he did not lose his life this time, it would mean the end of his life for Kilik to be caught here.

"I guess you could fight a little and take me into ...... custody."

 But it is the only realistic solution.

 We don't have the strength to fight, and we don't have the means to escape.

 If we're caught, my father, the king, will move.

 He will give a temporary candy to the resistance and he himself will be forced to live a life without freedom in the royal castle.

 In some cases, this may determine who you marry, and in worse cases, you may be sent to a church or something to live out the rest of your life.

"In any case, you won't see me again. ......"

 Princess Kilik prepares to meet her end.

 Her last thought is of her too-talented butler.

"You idiot. ...... It's not even worth thinking about."

 With a sense of useless regret, Kilik gazes toward the rising resistance.