81 - 080 Arrived

"Is ...... good enough in time?"

 A flashpoint.

 At this very moment, the mansion of Princess Kilik in the city of Aelyria is surrounded by the Resistance, which has turned into a mob and is about to become a battlefield.

"First of all, we need to suppress the people who are running the Resistance ......."

 That's when I was leisurely observing the situation.


 As if to drown out my dumb voice, a scream roared from the Popular Army 《Resistance》.


"What the hell!"

"He's dead ......!"

 It was sudden.

 Suddenly, a gigantic knight, twice or even three times the size of a man, appeared, and with a single blow, buried the leader of the popular army "Resistance" that had been eyeing him.

 The next action occurs without a moment's pause to the confused mob.

"You vile princess! You have played with our lives with such cowardly hands!"

 Neither the speaker nor his listeners probably knew what he meant by such a cowardly move.

 But the meaning of the word no longer mattered to the mob.

 It was just the words that ignited the fire.

 Hundreds of people rushed into the house at once.

 Among them was the giant knight's magical doll, but no one seemed to care anymore about who had killed what.

"Here they come: ......!"

"Hee ...... no! There are too many!"

What did the princess say?

I didn't say anything! Just fight!"

"d*mn ......! I can't do this!"

 None of the combatants in the villa looked professional for combat.

 They were probably just a bunch of cleaners and gardeners with weapons. .......

"It's not a good wake-up call to leave them to die, or ......"

 They are the ones who followed the princess without even a guard, even if only a token one.

Dragon breath.


"What the hell? Where did you come from ......?"

 I'm not ready to show myself yet.

 I use two skills to disguise myself.

 Luckily we're right next to a forest.

"There's a dragon... oh, oh, oh, oh!"

"A dragon? No, that's just a wyvern!"

"What do you mean it's a wyvern? Either way, it's a monster!"

 Confused Popular Army "Resistance".

 The person sending out the instructions must be someone from Lord Kalm. He was the one who shouted the words that triggered the charge earlier.

 But I don't think that's the only messenger Lord Kalm sent.

 We need to confirm that, including whether the one controlling the magic puppet is the same one.

 That's why I went to the trouble of planting a wyvern in the forest.

"Now ...... let's see how many people react like that in this mess. ......5,6......7,. That's a lot. And you're already mixed up in ......."

 We will flush out those on Lord Kalm's side by looking at their reactions to Wyvern.

 Specifically, those who immediately brought out the magic doll because they were in danger, and those who did not show surprise at the sudden appearance of the magic doll. They were observed visually and magically.

"First of all, three people..."

 The three of us lurking on the forest side were close enough away that we didn't have to worry about being seen.


 They lurked in pieces, but one by one, they were rendered unconscious.

 There are three in the Resistance and one in the house.

 So that would be .......

"Let's go inside first."

 They sneak into the mansion through the walls to hide.

 There was no one left to watch over them.

"We'll have to find the princess's location based on her escape route. ......"

 With my head on a swivel, I first ran to Lord Callum's men in the house.