82 - 081. The Savior

"Come on, princess, this way, please."

Hey. Is there really an escape route?

Leave it to me. I have prepared for this moment.

 Kilik runs frantically around the house, feeling uncomfortable with Kyurem's confidence, but unable to refuse to follow him under the circumstances.

"So, where are you running away to?"

Yes, if you continue west to the border, there is a hut in the woods where you can hide. While we are hiding there, we will wait for our friends to arrive.

"I see. ...... when did you get such a hut?"

"Those who were concerned for the princess's safety were quietly making preparations."

"Heh. ...... yeah."

 Kyurem chuckles when he sees Kilik, who looks not too happy about it.

 He is one of the agents hired by the Count of Kalm, but no one has been able to fulfill his role as well as Kyurem.

 He felt proud that he was the only one who was able to stay on as steward, albeit strictly as a deputy, while the other agents had been exiled without being able to fulfill the demands of the messed-up princess.

 It was a simple matter of timing, but Kyurem seemed to be overconfident in his own abilities.

"Don't worry. Come on, come on. The horses are ready."

"Of course, it's the Elizabeth, isn't it?"

"Huh? Uh ...... that ......."

 Kyurem is not involved in the care of the horses.

 He did not even know how many horses he had, let alone Kilik's favorites.

"It's really useless. ......"

 He clucked his tongue inwardly at Kilik's repeated curses, but Culem was still determined to be happy for what was to come.

 If he continues to bring the princess to the hut, his position as the first contributor to this operation will be secure.

 He would not be able to look at the people who were outside with their dolls. That's what I thought.



"What ...... a bit! Hey! What's up with you all of a sudden ...... eh?"

 From Kilik's point of view, it looked as if Kyurem, who was supposed to be running with him as a leader, suddenly collapsed and lost consciousness.

 Without even realizing that this was an action for his own sake, Kilik was once again left alone.

"I didn't even ask him where the hut was. ......"

 Once again, Kilik begins to prepare herself for the worst possible future.

 But already her savior is on the move.

"What is that ......? I feel like I've missed something. ............ No way."

 The person whom Kilik herself had just passed without noticing was the one whom she was most eager to meet.

 ◇ ◇ ◇

"Well, ...... if we just leave her at a suitable standstill, will the princess be able to escape?"

 I had thought that there was no way to get out of there, but the preparation of the horses indicated that they had already made a plan to escape somewhere.

 If so, it would be better to leave the rest to them than to intervene any further.

"But it's been a while since I've seen ......."

 Compared to when I was there, he looked like a different person.

 His sharp eyes had become even more grim, perhaps due to the strain he was under, but he still seemed to have a better face than before. There was a sparkle in his eyes that had not been there back then, as if he had a sense of preparedness and responsibility.

 That's why .......

"I hope he lives."

 I can't even take care of the place I'm running away to. I'd rather not do anything about it.

 I was about to go to the Resistance who were running amok in the gardens, thinking that I could buy myself some time. .......

"Something's wrong ......, isn't the princess moving toward the horses?


 But she had ventured out to the balcony overlooking the garden.

"Wouldn't it be faster to go outside once ......"

 I'll run out too.

 I can just barely reach the balcony if I fly from the ground floor, and it's faster.

"Why ......"

 Paralyzed by Hime-sama's unintended actions, I start to move so that I can keep myself safe for the time being.