2-Episode 2   Identification

 A few months have passed since then.

 I've learned to understand the language, and there are a few things that have turned up.

 First of all, my name in my reincarnation, apparently, is Ars Laurent.

 In fact, I can't remember the name of my previous life at all.
 I can remember what kind of life I had, but only my name is completely missing.

 If I had remembered it, it would have been better to have two names, which would have been confusing, which would have been the opposite.

 The other thing I found out was that this world might not be Earth.

 The reason why I thought so is that the level of civilization is so low compared to Earth.

 We don't have electricity, not to mention TVs, radios and smartphones, and we use lamps for lighting. Anyway, there is not a single thing in the house that can be called civilized.

 I can understand if the house is very poor, but the house is quite big and luxurious. It is unreasonable to call it poor.

 There is a possibility that he was born into a very unusual family, so I can't make a definitive statement based on this alone, though.
 There is another reason why I don't think this is the earth.

 There is a creature in the house that I have never seen before.

 It looks like a dog, but it's not a dog.
 It has wings sprouting from its back. If it flapped its wings, it could float two or three meters in the air.
 If it didn't have wings, it would look like a pet dog native to Japan, like a Chin.
 By the way, its name is called Arsis.

 A dog with wings and the ability to fly would have never existed on earth.

 I have to conclude that there is a strong possibility that this is not Earth.

 We don't know exactly what kind of world it is yet.

 But since there are even winged dogs, I think it is very possible that this is a fantasy world.

 I guess I've gotten caught up in something terrible after all.


 Three years have passed since then.

 At the age of three, I can walk and talk, too. I've learned to speak the language perfectly.
 And I've become somewhat familiar with my current situation.

 First of all, I was born in this world, but it seems to be a different world from Earth.

 It seems that I was born in a place called the Samaforce Empire, on the Samaforce continent.

 I've never heard of such a continent and country. I'm sure there is no such thing in the history of the world.

 I also learned that there was a magic, a technique to create fire, water, and other mysterious phenomena.

 When I saw the magic, I was convinced that this was indeed a different world.

 And this Loebent family, where I was born, seems to be an aristocrat.

 They rule over a small piece of land called Lumberk, which has about 200 houses and a population of about 1,000.

 I was born as the eldest son of the Loebent family, and it seems that I am destined to inherit the family.

 To be honest, I'm just worried.

 Can I, as a businessman after all, be in a position to lead people?

 It would be nice if I could leave the business to my subordinates and play around with them.

 And finally, I understand one more thing.

 It seems that I have a certain ability that ordinary people do not have.


Good morning, little man.
Good morning.

 I was visiting the parade ground right next to the mansion.

 The Loebent family had about one hundred and twenty mobilizable troops, most of whom were peasants.
 The peasants took time out of their busy schedules to practice on the parade ground.

 They were practicing various exercises, such as spear-pointing and shooting the bow.

'The little boy comes here often,'
She's just three years old and it's terrifying.

 His men looked at him fondly, thinking that a three-year-old child was showing interest in martial arts.

 In reality, I wasn't interested in martial arts.
 What I was interested in was the people.

 I gazed at the man poking his spear in the parade ground and used a certain ability.

 Its name is 【Appraisal】.

 Appraisal is the special power I possess.
 When I stare at something, I can obtain detailed information about it.
 It is possible to appraise only human abilities.

 It's not like someone told me that this is an ability called appraisal.
 I gave it a name myself.
 I thought it was appropriate to call it an appraisal because it is an ability to understand the details of things.

 As I continued to stare at the man, a black plate appeared in front of me. On this is written the information about the man I'm staring at now. This board is invisible to anyone but me.

 The board reads.

 Millet Crystal, 21 years old, male.

 Leadership 21/35
 Valor 60/62
 Knowledge 22/32
 Politics 15/31
 Ambition 3

 Infantry D
 Cavalry D
 Archers B
 Magician D
 Castle D
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force D
 Plan D

 This is how the statuses are displayed, reminiscent of a certain historical game I like to play.

 Leadership is the ability to lead an army.
 Bravery is whether you are strong or weak.
 Wisdom is smartness.
 Politics is good at negotiating, good at domestic politics, and good at coordinating.
 Ambition is betrayal.

 The value on the left is the current ability and the value on the right is the potential ability.
 As a rough guide to ability values

 100+, monster.
 90's, superb.
 80 units, excellent.
 70 units, good.
 60s, mediocre.
 50 units, subtle.
 40 units, bad.
 30 and under, no no.

 This is what it would look like.
 If it were like a certain historical game, it would be like this.

 After looking at a number of people, I've come to the conclusion that it's just like a certain historical game to some extent.
 Next, though, is aptitude.

 Infantry's aptitude for close combat.
 Cavalrymen have an aptitude for mounted combat.
 Archers have an aptitude for archery combat.
 A magical soldier has an aptitude for magical combat.
 Castle building is an aptitude for castle building.
 Weapons are apt when handling and making weapons.
 The navy has an aptitude for shipboard combat.
 The Air Force probably has something to fight for in the sky, so the aptitude for it
 Strategy is an aptitude for being able to think of tactics to gain advantage in the war.

 D is the lowest and S is the highest.

 By the way, this appraisal, I can't do it myself. Even if I looked at the hands, abdomen and other places visible to the naked eye, the status would not appear. Even if I looked at my face in a mirror, it was impossible to do so. It's honestly a shame that I want to know what my talents are, but I can't see them.

 It's the status of Millet-kun who is training now, but his martial prowess is at a minimum, but the rest is devastated.

 Well, a miscellaneous soldier's status is usually about this much.
 The others also have a minimum amount of valor, but the rest are devastated. Some of them are not even good at valor.

 There is one thing about Millet that bothers me.
 He has a high aptitude for archery. In other words, he should be good with the bow.
 However, he is currently practicing with a spear.
 I've been watching him practice for a while now, but he has been practicing with his spear for a long time and has not shown any interest in practicing the bow.

 Does Millet have no intention of using the bow?

 Let me ask you.

It's Millet there.
'What? What is it, kid? By the way, did you know my name?

 Millet is dismayed when he speaks to me.

'Why don't you use your bow?'
A bow? Those weapons are just plain stupid. Shooting at the enemy's range. It's not the kind of thing a man does.

 It was a relatively unimportant reason.
 If this is the case, it's better to let him use it.
 With a B aptitude, he would definitely be able to handle the bow reasonably well.

''Try using it once.''
You've got talent, try it once.
'No, little man, you can ask...'

 Millet tried to say no, but the soldiers said, "It's a favor from the boy. Don't say no!" in unison, so

Yeah, okay, I'll do it.

 I replied with a sigh.
 It's not that the soldiers are aware of my appraisal. They are simply trying to get in the mood of the lord's son.

''I've never used a bow before........''

 He mumbled something like that and held the bow and arrows.
 Then he held the bow up to the target.

'Millet, if it's your first time, you'd better shoot a little closer. You'll never be able to reach the target in that position.

 And a soldier with a good bow would advise

Shoot on the spot.

 I ordered him to stay away from me and shoot.

 Millet pulled the string as far as it would go, then let go and let the arrow go.

 The arrow flew straight through the air and hit the middle of the target cleanly.

 Everyone else's eyes widened at the sight of it, except mine.