3-Chapter 3   Policy

...the first time I've ever done it so perfectly...
Well, it was a fluke, a fluke. Hey, Millet! Try again!

 Prompted by the older soldier, Millet fired the arrow again.

 This time the arrow flew straight and clean and hit the target.
 It was unlikely to be a fluke the second time.
 The soldiers were again astonished. Even Millet himself, who fired the arrow, seemed to be so surprised that he couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"You might as well become a bowman!
Yes, I'm talented!
You know, you suck at spears.

 And Millet was encouraged by a colleague.

'Well, well, maybe the bow isn't so bad. There's no such thing as cowardice in battle, haha.

 Surprisingly easily, he palmed it off.

 He even said it wasn't a weapon for a man to use, the one that was too simple.

'But, boy. How did you know Millet had a talent for the bow?

 A soldier man asks me.

 Those who were present look at me as if they wanted to know too.

 Would they really believe me when I told them that I could see my abilities quantified?
 I didn't know, so I had no idea.


 I answered.


 The next day I was eating breakfast with my family.
 Seated at the front of me was my father in this world, Raven Rovent, taking his meal.

 Raven is very tall, with a rugged face, a sharp look in his eyes, and frankly, a little scary.
 This man comes from a peasant background but has risen to nobility through his previous military prowess.

 His military prowess is so great that he can easily handle ten soldiers by himself.

 Incidentally, his status and aptitude are

 Leadership 86/86
 Valor 94/95
 Knowledge 44/56
 Politics 23/31
 Ambition 67

 Infantry A
 Cavalry S
 Archers B
 Magician D
 Castle D
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force D
 Plan D

 This is what it looks like.

 He is a man with excellent leadership and military prowess, and has the capacity to lead a large number of soldiers as a general.
 On the other hand, his political power is low, and perhaps that is why he is indulging himself as a lord of a small territory despite having such a high level of ability.

 After the meal was over.

"Ars. I hear you spotted Millet's bowing prowess yesterday.

 He asked.

'Yes, I do,'
I'm told that he saw through everything on a hunch. I hear that you have a good instinct for everything. You must hone it. That's one of the most important things you can do as a feudal lord.

 I've been advising him to be a three-year-old.
 Well, I have acted uncharacteristically like a three-year-old on several occasions, so I guess I can't blame them.

 Since I'm the only Raven child at this point in time, it's possible that I'm using my own standards for how fast my kids are growing.

'I'll keep that in mind,'

 I responded that way to Raven's advice.


 A few months have passed since then.

 I would be four years old.

 During that period of time, I learned more about my situation.

 Let's be clear. To be honest, my future is not bright at all.

 I, or perhaps it would be more accurate to say that the future of me, or rather of the Samaforce Empire where I live, is not bright.

 In the near future, this country is likely to be plunged into a turbulent era.

 This country, which controls the entire Samaforce continent, has no external enemies. Since it cannot be attacked without crossing a long strait, war with other countries is unlikely to occur.

 In other words, what does happen is a civil war.

 It seems that the people currently in power in the Samaforce Empire are very corrupt.
 Because of this, there are peasant rebellions in many places.
 My father, Raven, had also gone into battle the other day to quell the rebellion.

 It seems that the power of the emperor of the Samaforce Empire is diminishing rapidly as one rebellion after another breaks out, and the nobles around the country are gradually becoming more and more autonomous.

 Skirmishes are occurring throughout the empire, but the current Samaforce Empire no longer has the power to stop them. The country is in shambles, and warfare is taking place all year round in various parts of the empire at the moment.

 It's truly a turbulent time.

 I have a feeling that if things continue as they are, the empire will fall, the herds will be divided, and there will soon be no skirmishes but major battles.

 I was born into such an era as the eldest son of an aristocratic family, and I am very anxious about my future.

 The bottom line is that I will have to go to war many times.
 As the head of the family, I will have to lead my own soldiers.

 In times of peace, I might have been able to live in peace, taking it easy and doing my own internal administration, but under the current circumstances, I can't afford to say such things.

 In my previous life I was born and raised in a peaceful Japan and knew nothing of warfare.

 How can I be a warrior?
 Will I be able to survive in these difficult times? I'm just worried.

 I don't want to die.

 In a previous life, I was only thirty-five years old when I died suddenly.

 There were still many things I had left to do.

 Even in his second life, he definitely did not want to die an early death. This time I want to die of old age, surrounded by my grandchildren.

 How can I avoid dying?

 I think hard.

 ---- The ability to recognize a person's talent is one of the most important things a lord can do.

 My father's words came to mind.

 Right, human resources.

 Let's get all kinds of excellent people under our command to make this territory stronger.

 That way, the chances of me dying will be reduced.
 If this country is going to plunge into turbulent times, the most important thing is nothing but power.

 I will make full use of my appraisal and gather all the best people.

 Deciding this, I left the house and headed for the village where people were gathered.