4-Episode 4 Excellent Human Resources

 About 80% of the territory's population lives in the village of Lumberk in the Lumberk territory, which is ruled by the Lorbent family.

 The village of Lamberg is located near the mansion where the Loebent family lives. It's about a five-minute walk away.

 I headed to the village by myself.
 This area is relatively safe, so it's not particularly dangerous to walk around alone.

 Even so, I've been told not to go out alone. However, if you go to the village with an escort, you'll stand out strangely and you won't be able to find personnel.
 I wear a hood that hides my face to avoid being identified as the son of the lord, and I head for the village.

 After eight minutes of walking, I arrived at the village. Since I have the body of a four year old, it took me longer than normal.

 The village of Lamberg is an ordinary village.
 The villagers live by farming, animal husbandry and hunting.

 The atmosphere of the village is peaceful and the food situation is not bad, and the health of the villagers seems to be in good shape overall.

 There are about 800 people in total, so it is difficult to visit them all.

 For the time being, let's just take a look at the young guys.

 I looked at a young man who was doing heavy work nearby for an appraisal.

 Hmm, not a very good number.
 Or rather, this one must have come to the training grounds.

 If one were to think about it calmly, the young man should have come to the military drill ground because he could move as a soldier when the need arose.

 In other words, most of the young men in this village would have been appraised at least once.

 Let's take a look at the woman.

 Women are considered unsuitable for warfare, and it is almost impossible for them to rise in the ranks in this world. Well, it's just like old Japan.

 In fact, it's hard to find a woman of high military prowess.
 Their wisdom, leadership and political power are not so different from men's, so it does not mean that they are not suitable to be vassals.

 I'll take a look at the women as well.
 But they were all subtle figures.

 I looked at the children as well, but none of them had excellent status.

 Wasn't it so sweet?
 It seems that no matter how well you can appraise, it's not easy to find excellent people.

 I've seen so many people that my eyes are tired.
 When you use the appraisal, your eyes are slightly worn out.
 I'd better call it quits for the day.
 As I was about to leave with that thought.

Get out! You have nothing to sell for anything!

 I heard shouting.
 Curious, I looked in the direction of the voice and saw that a young man had been knocked out of the store and was kneeling on the street.

 He was brown-skinned and had a face that wasn't like most people around here.

 If our race resembles white people, that one has the appearance of a dark-skinned Japanese.

 As I recall, that race is........

Isn't that a Marka?
Filthy, why are you here?
You're a wanderer and you came here.

 I recall overhearing a conversation between the villagers.

 The Marka are a race of people who live in a country across the sea from the continent of Samaforce.

 Their characteristics are almost identical to this young man's.
 The race is almost non-existent in the Samaforce Empire, but they are rare.

 Most of them are descendants of those who were brought in as slaves long ago, and the people of the Samaforce Empire discriminate against the Malchus.

 Honestly, it doesn't feel too good to see discrimination, but it could ruin my reputation if I help them poorly.

 Well, though, I'll appraise him for a moment.

 I appraised the young man with a light heart.

 Rietz Muesse, 14 years old, male.
 Leadership 87/99
 Valor 70/90
 Knowledge 88/99
 Politics 78/100
 Ambition 21
 Infantry A
 Cavalry S
 Archers A
 Magician C
 Fortress S
 Weapons A
 Navy D
 Air Force C
 Plan S

 I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the results of that appraisal.


''It's Nobunaga!

 A truly impeccable and overwhelming status. His ability value was comparable to that of Oda Nobunaga, one of the great heroes known to all Japanese (that's just the ability value in a certain historical game).

 He was still young and not fully grown, but his future would be terrifying!
 I didn't know that such an abandoned young man, who looked like a stray cat, was Nobunaga.
 The world is inscrutable.

 His name is Rietz Mises, right?

 I can't leave him here as a stray cat.

 I must make him my man.
 No doubt, racially, they will look at me funny, but that doesn't matter when you consider the advantages of having him as your subordinate.

 I rushed over to his side to make Reetz my subordinate.