5-Episode 5: Take Liz

You look like you're in trouble.

 I called out to Reetz.

 He glared at me at first, but when he realized that I was a child, his expression relaxed.

'If you talk to people like me, the adults will get mad at you. Don't worry about me, just get away from me.

 He said as he stood up. Apparently, he is concerned about me.

 When I approached him and took a closer look at his face, I saw that he had a very well-defined face. If you're in Japan, you can be an idol.
It's almost as if he was just starting out.

 Hair is short and black. He is a large man, maybe in the upper 170s. Considering his age of fourteen, he looks like he'll grow to the mid-180s.

 Well, it doesn't matter what Reetz looks like. I've decided to make him my subordinate based on his abilities.

''I spoke to him, knowing the risk. I want you to be my vassal.

 I told him directly.

'Well, um, are you playing a game? Umm, hmm, I'd love to play with you, but I can't afford it right now either.

 Reetz chuckles.
 He thinks it's the ravings of a child.
 'I haven't told him he's the son of a lord yet, so of course he will.

'Not exactly. I am Ars Rovent. I am the son of the lord who rules this village. I've seen an exceptional talent in you and I'd like you to be my vassal.

 When he hears my words, Leats' expression changes drastically.

''The lord's son.......? You?

 He looks at me with suspicion.
 It's not surprising. Right now I'm dressed shabbily so that they don't know I'm the son of the lord.
 He wouldn't be from this village, so he wouldn't be able to get a good look at me.

Anyway, if you're in trouble, come with me.
'No, but...'

 Rietz is lost. He's probably wondering if he can rely on this kid.

 Then a gooing sound came from Reetz's stomach.

'Was he hungry?'
Yeah, I know.
There's plenty of food. Come to me and I'll feed you.
...er, um...

 Reetz seems to be greatly disturbed by my words.

 And in the end.

Um, let me just go...

 He blushed a little and asked for it.


You never told me your name. My name is Rietz Muesse, and you're Ars Lowbent, right?
Yeah, yeah.

 On the way to the mansion, Rietz introduced himself to me.

 I'll take this opportunity to ask him a lot of questions about him.

''Why was Rietz in that village?''
It was a long story. I was in a mercenary corps, and many of its members died in the war. Most of the top brass who were in charge died, so they had no choice but to disband the mercenary group. I wandered around from place to place with nowhere to go, and I ended up here.

 It sounds like you've had a lot of trouble.
 But since you're probably competent, can't you live on as another mercenary group or bouncer?
 I asked.

'I can't. 'No one would hire a Marcan kid with no fame like me. I can't trust them. I've been a member of my last mercenary group since I was a kid.

 Rietz explained with a bitter smile.

 It would certainly be difficult for an untrustworthy person to be a bouncer or join a mercenary group.

 Normally, it would be a strange thing to suddenly make a young man who was seen in the area a retainer.

 If your appraisal doesn't show that you have the same level of ability as Nobunaga, you wouldn't normally do such an outburst.

 As we were walking around talking, we arrived at the mansion.

 Rietz looked at my house, and with his mouth agape

This is your house?

 He asked me so.

'I told you he's the lord's son.

I don't mind.
'Huh? But wait a minute. The fact that you are the lord's son, the first time I said that you were going to be my retainer, it wasn't as a joke or a plaything...
I'm serious, of course.

 Rietz is astonished.
 It's like he doesn't know what to look like.

 'Let's feed Rietz first and then ask your father to make him a vassal.

'Master Ars! You've been out there again! You're not going to like this at all! If anything happens, it will be me who gets killed!

 A butler just ran up to me.
 He is a butler named Krantz, who is in his early fifties or so.
 He has served the Loebent family since long ago.
 He has been taking care of my personal affairs.

'Preach later, but more importantly, prepare some food.
Are you hungry?
'No, not by me, but by this one.'

 I pointed to Reetz, who was standing behind me.

'What? Well, he is a Markan! What do you think you're doing, allowing such a lowly person into the mansion!

 Kranz turned red in the face and scolded me.

 It's unpleasant that Rietz is being discriminated against, but this is unavoidable.
 Discrimination against the Marka people has deep roots. Everyone I knew, at least, thought that the Marcas were a lowly race.
 It is so ingrained as a common sense that it is impossible to change it so easily.
 A little persuasion would not change it.

'Anyway, get me some food as soon as you can. He's going to die of hunger.

 I don't know if I'm going to die, but I said so to show the urgency of the situation.

''Well I understand. It's a pity that even the Marcas will die. But as soon as you feed them, you have to kick them out!

 With that said, Kranz went to get the food.

 But it looks like they hate me more than I thought.
 Will this make him a vassal?

 No, I will make sure that I do.
 Reetz will definitely be an essential person for me.
 He's going to save my life again and again in the future. I can't afford to miss it.

 Krantz brought bread and water.

'Oh, thank you!

 It was a hard, tasteless, hard bread, but it still looked good, and Reetz ate it.

'Now, then, kick me out!
'I can't do that. I brought him here with the intention of making him a vassal.
What do you mean, what do you mean, what do you mean? Such a thing!
I'm going to talk to your father anyway.

 I took Reetz's hand and ignored Kranz, forcing my way to the room where my father was.