11-Episode 11 Buy

 92 in leadership, 116 in martial prowess, and S in magical aptitude.......

 This is a tremendous number. The other stats aren't much, but these values of leadership and bravery are tremendous. Even now, while he is still growing, his martial arts and valor values are almost equal to his father's.

 Combat ability is determined by the numbers of military prowess and aptitude.
 Even if her valor is high, if her aptitude is a D, she's not very strong. She's also a D except for magic, so it's assumed that she's not very strong in combat using anything other than magic.

 However, she probably has an overwhelming fighting ability only when it comes to magic.

 She looks like a girl with long blue hair and a face that looks like she's made up. When she grows up, she'll be quite a beauty. Well, I don't care what she looks like.

 I have no choice but to buy this girl.
 I'll take her home and make her a magical soldier.

How much is this girl Charlotte?

 I asked the slaver.

'What? Oh, Charlotte. Five silvers. You want it?

 Five silver coins.

 It's not that incredibly expensive when you consider that it takes ten gold coins (ten silver coins for one gold coin) for an adult to live for a year.

 If you look at the amount of slaves around you, you will find that on average, men are more expensive than women. As a labor force, it's probably because they're more useful. This girl is young and has a beautiful face, so the price is set slightly higher than other female slaves.

 The gold that she currently possesses is five gold coins.
 It was quite possible to buy them.

I'm not going to be able to get it for you. Don't tell me you are planning to buy that girl?
'Yes. She has a tremendous magical talent.
''Well, um, I'm not doubting Als-sama's eye for people, but she's a girl.......I don't think Raven-sama will forgive me for that.

 There is an idea in this world that women are not supposed to be in the fight. Basically, the idea that battles are for men to fight is a notion that has been rooted in many parts of the earth.

 If you said she was going to be a soldier, you would be looked at stranger than recommending the discriminated against Marka Leets as a vassal.
 If you're not good at it, they might think you're crazy or something.

 Well, no matter what they might think at first, if you let her use her magic, it will shut it all up.

''Anyway, this girl definitely has the talent to use magic. It would be folly not to make use of it just because she's a woman.

 Leets seemed to give up on my strong will and held his tongue.

 I paid the slaver one gold coin and got five silver coins for my change.

''Every time.''

 With that, the slaver let Charlotte out of her prison cell. Then he handed her the chain connected to the collar around her neck and the key to the collar.

 The collar is not appropriate for her, who is about to fight and probably have a great deal of success.

 I try to undo her collar.

"Hey, hey, kid, that's a quiet guy, but you should wear a collar just in case.
No problem.

 I didn't mind, but I removed the collar on Charlotte.

 She doesn't run away, but stands there.

'Why did you put the collar on?'

 I heard Charlotte's voice for the first time.

'I bought you not to make you a slave, but to make you a vassal. You will not deserve a collar.

 He didn't seem to understand what was being said.

'I'm hungry for now. Let's talk more about it over dinner, shall we?

 We decided to buy some food at the market and get a bite to eat.

'My name is Ars Loebent,'
I'm Leats Mises. Nice to meet you.

 After we ate, Reetz and I introduced ourselves to Charlotte.
 She wasn't very hungry and didn't eat with us.

'Charlotte Leith, nice to meet you,'

 She returned the greeting, too.
 Her voice was flat and without inflection.

'As I told you earlier, I bought you from the slavers to make you a vassal.

 He explained to Charlotte that he was the son of the Lords of Lamberg.

'I'd like you to remain a vassal, if possible.
I found out he's the son of a lord. I have nowhere else to go, and I don't mind being your vassal. But I am a woman. I don't see why I should be your vassal. Did you think it was a man? Sure, I don't have breasts, but I am definitely a woman. Would you like me to show you the proof?

 I was wondering what he was going to do with the evidence and then he started trying to take his pants off.

'Wait, wait, wait, I know you're a woman!

 I stop myself in a hurry.

''Well. Well, you're right. It's impossible to mistake a beautiful girl like me for a man.

 You call yourself a beautiful girl......not that I'm wrong.

 Rietz whispered.

He's a bit strange, isn't he? Is it okay?

 He asked with concern.

'It doesn't matter if you're a bit of a freak, as long as you're talented.

 I said, but I was feeling a little uneasy.

'Why would you make me, a woman, a vassal?'
It's because you have a magical gift.
Magic? I've never even used it, what talent do I have?

 Charlotte tilts her head.
 It doesn't look like he's lying.

 That's strange. I thought he had experience in using it because his martial value is still high at the moment. No matter how high the limit value is, is it possible for the valor to be so high with no experience?

 I'm not doubting my own abilities, but just to be sure, I'd like to let him use his magic once.

 I've had Leets bring the equipment for using magic to me in the meantime.

'Rietz, let's let her use her magic for once.
I understand. I can't use it in the city, so let's go outside.

 I headed for the plains outside of town with Reetz and Charlotte.