12-Episode 12: Overwhelming talent

Now, let's get you to work your magic.

 When we arrived at the plains, we made sure there were no people around and gave Charlotte the tools to use her magic.

 It was magical water and a catalyst machine.

 The magic water is in a water bottle made of leather.

 The catalyst machine looks like a sphere about the size of a baseball, with a large amount of unreadable and mysterious characters written on it.
 It has a chain attached to it and is used around the neck.

 Reetz first fills the catalyst machine with magical water.
 The catalyst machine has a lid, and Riets took it off. Then he pours the magic water in the water bottle into it. The sludgy liquid flows into the catalyst machine. There's only a small amount to put in.
 Once the magic is used, all the magic water inside will be gone. Therefore, it is impossible to fire continuously.

''Put this around your neck.

 Leets handed the catalyst machine, which was filled with magical water, to Charlotte.
 She took it and put it around her neck as she was told.

'I've put it on, but how does it work?
You can use it by casting a spell while it's around your neck. The magic water that you poured into it is the magic water of fire, so you can use magic with the attribute of fire.
Hmm? Are there different kinds of magic water?

 I've only seen red magical water. Is there another kind?

Yes, we have them. Blue, green, all sorts of things.
What happens if they're different colors?
The color of the magic water determines what attributes it can be used for. The red magic water can use magic of the flame attribute, so it is called the flame magic water. Blue magic water can use water-attribute magic, so it is called water magic water, and green magic water can use wind-attribute magic, so it is called wind magic water.
How many attributes do you have?
''There are many. In addition to the three attributes I mentioned earlier, there are also the attributes of lightning, darkness, light, ice, sound, poison, shadow, curse, healing, strength, and more.

 There's more than you can imagine.
 It's so many even with the number I mentioned, but there are still others. I wonder if there's a difference between the shadow and dark attributes or something like that.
 I guess the fact that they're separated means there's a difference, though.

''In My Xian Province, the flame magic stones are often mined, so the main one on the market is the flame magic water. After the flame magic water, I guess the next thing circulating in My Xian State is the sound magic water.

 Sound ... what is sound used for?
 If it's a battlefield, do they use it to give a signal?
 Or do they make a roaring sound that can break your eardrums?
 That would be no good because they would be damaged themselves.

'Can't you tell us the spell?'

 I was so engrossed in the explanation that I had left Charlotte a bit out of it.

'Oh, sorry, I'll tell you now,'

 Rietz hurriedly teaches the spell.

'The spell I'm going to use this time is the Fire Bullet spell. 'Fire Bullet, burn the enemy to the ground' is the spell.

 This is the magic I used too.
 The flaming bullets fly in a straight line and explode when they hit something.

 The scale of the explosion is small.
 It's just that the scale of the explosion of my fire bullet was small, but if a talented person released it, there is a possibility of a bigger explosion.

''When you use magic, you have to put your palms out in front of you. If you don't, it won't be triggered.''
Right? Left?
It's easier to aim with your dominant arm.
Okay, left.

 Charlotte seemed to be left-handed.

 There were trees popping up on the plain, and Leets told her to aim at one of them and shoot the fire barrette.

 Charlotte pointed her left palm at the closest tree that grew closest.

'Fireballs, burn your enemies to the ground.

 I cast a spell.

 Then, the catalyst machine momentarily lit up. At about the same time, a flaming bullet flew out of Charlotte's palm.

 It flew at a terrific speed and hit a tree.

 A tremendous sound rang out around them and a huge explosion occurred.

 The tree disappeared without a trace.
 A large crater was left behind where the explosion had occurred.

 Rietz and I look at it with a stunned expression.

 When I used it before, the power of the explosion was about as powerful as a firecracker exploding at best. I was shocked to see how much it could change just by a different user.

''Is........this is pretty amazing?''
"Seriously, it's not just great... I've seen magic soldiers many times on the battlefield, but I've never seen a fire bullet explode like this before... is this really the first time you've used it?

 Charlotte nodded coyly.

'No doubt about it. She's a magical genius.'

 I didn't need Rietz to tell me that, once I saw the magic, I knew. 

''But Ars-sama's ability to spot talent, it's truly amazing. I admire it.

 Rietz said as he looked at her respectfully.

 It turns out that Charlotte is a tremendous magic user, just like her status.

 If I witnessed the power to that extent, my father would have to admit it.

 With the confidence that she could become a vassal, we made our way back to the mansion.