13-Episode 13: Show off your talent

 We had planned to stay for two days, but we had found personnel early, so we were on our way back to the compound.
 Three rides on a horse. Since I'm a toddler and Charlotte isn't as stunted as she should be, riding three people was possible.
 However, with three people on board, it is impossible for the horses to run as fast as they can, so they are not moving very fast.

''I didn't know I had that kind of talent... they say the heavens don't give you two things, but it was given to me.''

 Suddenly Charlotte was muttering something like that.

'What is two things, and what is the other thing?'
The Face.
...I see.

 This girl seems to have an unusually high self-esteem about her own face.
 I'm not wrong, though, so I don't have anything to say about it.

How did you know I had a magical talent?
I can tell at a glance what talents I have in others.

 He replied as if he didn't know if he was impressed or not.

 Charlotte is a bit of a grasping personality and we still don't know what kind of person she is.

 My father told me that not only do I need to see through it, but I need to treat the personnel properly.
 In order to do so, I must properly grasp the character of the person I am going to make a vassal.

 I decided to ask how Charlotte came to be a slave.

'Why did Charlotte become a slave?'
'....and there are circumstances that make it difficult to listen and speak in tears.

 He was even enslaved, so he must have had a spectacular past. I thought he might be reluctant to talk about it, and might even hold his tongue, but he started to talk.

I grew up in a slum and never knew my parents' faces.

 Suddenly there is a heavy past.
 Did he have a terrible time there and was sold out or something like that?

''I've been through terrible things on a daily basis in the slums...not that I was a leader of the bad boys in the city.

 Not at all.
 She was a leader? Well, there wasn't much of a disparity in body size between the s*xes when she was a kid, and she had a high level of leadership, so it wasn't surprising that she was a leader.

'The lord of that slum was a bad guy, he took a lot of taxes and was a pissed off guy with a lot of luxuries. We were running out of food, we were starving to death, so we went into the lord's house to steal food, but he found us and caught us. Normally he would have been executed, but because he had a good face, he was sold into slavery for a higher price.

 It was a rather self-inflicted reason.
 If the lord was truly vicious and had been forced into a situation where if he didn't steal, he would die, then it might be inevitable that he stole.

'How did you cry?'
'No, I'm not crying you're not crying for all the talk and tears you've been saying about it.
That reminds me,

 Even when he pointed it out, he was unconcerned.
 I tried to talk to him, but I still couldn't get a grip on him. I knew how he became a slave, but I couldn't get a grip on his character.

 After that, after being rocked by the horse for several hours, we arrived at the mansion.


 It was evening when I arrived at the mansion.

 I hurriedly went down to my father and asked him to make Charlotte a vassal.

'I will not,'

 The answer came back as expected.

'What do you think you're doing? 'What do you mean by turning a woman into a magical soldier? Women are to be protected by men, not sent into battle.
'I thought your father would say so, but her magical talents are exceptional, so I brought her here.

 My father looks at me with a stern look.

''Raven-sama, what you say, Als-sama, is true. She, Charlotte Wraith, has the magical power of a single rider.

 Reetz defends me.
 The look on our faces was desperate.

All right. I'm sure you'll be able to show me your skills. If you're right, and you have tremendous talent, I'll make you my vassal as a magician.

 My father finally broke, too.

 After that, the location is changed and the testing begins.

 It is very dangerous to use Charlotte's magic in the training grounds. Therefore, we look for another large, empty space.

 It was originally a field, but it is now unused and there was an area that was overgrown with weeds, so I placed a wooden box there as a target.

 From somewhere, rumors had spread that they were going to test Charlotte, and the soldiers had come to watch.

'A woman as a magical soldier?' I wonder what the boy's reasoning is... and whether he'll be able to do it again. 'You want to make your own future wife because you have a good face.' 'Don't be silly, boy, you're only four years old.

 It's a lot of selfish things.
 Once he sees Charlotte's magic, he'll shut up, so I don't mind.

Then let's begin.

 With her father's words, Charlotte begins to prepare to use her magic. The method of setting it up is simple, so it's done once you see it.

 Then, with the palm of her left hand pointed at the wooden box, she chants a spell and releases a fire bullet.

 The flaming bullets flew in a straight line towards the box and hit it.

 The explosion was a bit bigger than the first time he used the magic.

 After using it just once, Charlotte's magic had grown. It was a terrifying sight to see what would happen if she started practicing in earnest.

 The soldiers who were watching were stunned as they watched. They rolled their eyes, sweat dripping from their cheeks.

 Even my father, who was rarely surprised by this, seemed to be unable to keep his open mouth shut at this appearance.

 Silence reigns over the place for a while.
 And then.

...All right. We'll use her as a magical soldier.

 My father told him, upset.