14-Chapter 14   A year has passed

 It has been a year since Charlotte began serving the Lorbent family as a magical soldier.

 The county of Canale, where Lumberk is located, is located in the westernmost part of the province of Meesian, on the border with the province of Saiz. We have a territorial dispute there, and skirmishes have occurred rather frequently. Each time it happened, my father was sent to fight.
 Therefore, he had to go to battle about five times in a year.

 Charlotte's success on the battlefield was tremendous, and she had become an indispensable part of the Loebent family.

 Her military prowess rose to 101 within a year. Furthermore, before long, she had become the leader of the magical soldiers serving the Loebent family, and her leadership had risen to 73.
 With that elusive personality, how he was able to lead others is a mystery.

 He was said to have been pulled out of other families for his sensational success. I've heard he's turned them all down.
 I don't know why he turned them down, but I'm glad if he feels indebted to me.

 Rietz, as always, was my educator.
 Because of that, he hasn't been able to make a big splash on the battlefield and make a name for himself like Charlotte did.

 I asked her if she was teetering on the edge of not being able to go into battle, as she was undoubtedly capable, but she said she had no complaints, as there was no job more prestigious than being the future head of the family's education officer. It is possible that he was lying, but my hunch was that he meant it.

 And recently, congratulations have been in order.

 I had a twin brother and sister.

 They were born recently, about two weeks before now. My current age is six years old, so they are reasonably far apart in age. Well, my mental age is farther apart because I still have memories of my past life.

 His name is Kreitz, the younger brother, and Ren, the younger sister.
 Kreitz is my brother and Ren is my sister.

 I appraised them both and looked at their status.

 Kreitz is.
 Leadership 1/82
 Valor 1/89
 Knowledge 1/33
 Politics 1/21
 Ambition 77
 Infantry S
 Cavalry B
 Archers A
 Magician C
 Castle D
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force D
 Plan D

 Like this, Len.

 Leadership 1/22
 Valor 1/21
 Knowledge 1/91
 Politics 1/85
 Ambition 33
 Infantry D
 Cavalry D
 Archer D
 Magician D
 Fortress C
 Weapons B
 Naval C
 Air Force B
 Plan A

 This is what it looks like.
 He's only a baby, so his current status is 1, but both have very good potential.

 His older brother, Kreitz, is similar to his father in that he has excellent leadership and military prowess, but his wits and political skills are weak. His infantry aptitude is S, so he would be very skilled with swords and spears.

 On the other hand, her younger sister Ren has high intelligence and political power, but low leadership and military prowess. She has an A in Strategy Aptitude and has the potential to be a military strategist.

 Will it be like having twins to make up for their shortcomings? However, a woman born into a noble family can be raised to marry into another family, so it may be difficult for Ren to remain in the Rovent family for a while.
 It might be possible that I could say to my father that Ren is smart enough to learn military strategy.

 But would that really be in Ren's best interest? That would make it harder for her to get married this time. It might be the wrong thing to do for her happiness.
 What kind of child will she grow up to be, and what will she do?

 The other thing that bothers me is Kreitz's high level of ambition, which is 77.
 Those with high ambition are more likely to betray him. If you make them dissatisfied with their circumstances even a little bit, they could turn on the enemy or revolt.
 Over 60 is the high end of the scale; in the 70s, it's not very common.

 It is necessary to grasp and control the character of Kraits properly.

 ○ ○

That's enough for today.

 Rietz said as he lowered his sword.

 I had been taught the sword by Rietz at the training grounds.

 It's bad enough that you can't at least handle a sword in a pinch, so I decided to teach him.

 My progress was not very fast.
 Rietz and my father, who is six years old, say that's about right, but I can understand my own inadequacies.
 Apparently, I didn't inherit my martial arts skills from my father.

 Well, it's not that I want to acquire the military strength to beat the enemy to death on the battlefield, so I don't need that much talent. That kind of thing can be left to the talented ones.

 I reopened it as I wiped the sweat from my practice.

''Master Ars, there is something I would like to put in your ear.
There are three brothers and sisters, the older two being twelve and eleven years old, but they are tall and strong, and it seems that they have a reputation for becoming great men in the future. Why don't you go and see them?

 It's usually a pattern in these cases that it's not a big deal.
 Still, if you're in the village, it doesn't take a lot of effort and I guess I should at least go see it.

''Let's go there, shall we?
I'm sorry, sir.

 I went with Reetz to the village of Lumberk.