15-Episode 15: Military Officer

 We headed to the house in the village of Lamberg, where the example family named Keesha lives.

 The first time I visited the village, I tried not to be exposed as the son of the lord, but now I went without changing my appearance.

 This is because the sixth time I was in the village looking for personnel, I was found out and caused a commotion, but after going there a few times since then, I guess they got used to me coming to the village and there was no particular commotion. Therefore, I no longer had to disguise myself.

 Now that I'm walking with Rietz, and this isn't the first time I've done this today, I'm not particularly crowded by the villagers.

'This is where the Keesha family lives,'

 We arrived at a slightly shabby house. It's not a house to enter, even for this village, the respectable one.

 I stand in front of the door and try to get in.

 Then the door was opened vigorously.

'Oh, wow!

 A child ran out of the house, crying loudly.

 It was a neutral child with a thin body, and at first glance it was hard to tell which gender it was. Probably a boy.
 His hair was golden, shaggy and unkempt.
 He is smaller than I am now, and looks younger.

 The boy took one look at me and ran off at a brisk pace somewhere, continuing to cry. I didn't have time to appraise it. I wondered if it was the child of the Keesha family. But the children were twelve and eleven years old, I think Rietz had said........
 No, come to think of it, he said they were three brothers.
 The brother who was rumored to be strong had another brother below him, didn't he?

 The third brother didn't look very strong, but well, he's still very young. He would be able to grow up as much as he could in the future.

''Kora, Roselle! Wait!

 This time a large man came out of the house, shouting at me.

 The man noticed me.

Are you.... oh, are you the son of the lord?

 The man changes his hue as he realizes I am the son of his lord by looking at his clothes.

'How I am the lord's son, Ars,'
What do you want in a house like mine...?
'I have heard that the son of this family is very good, and I came to take a look at him.
'Oh, oh, well, you're welcome. My name is Greg Keesha. Please come in.

 He seemed quite welcoming.
 He didn't look too good when he saw the Marka Rietz, but he didn't mention it, obviously because Rietz was well dressed and he knew that he was a vassal.
 By the way, Greg's status was only a little high in martial prowess, and the rest was mediocre.

''By the way, there was a kid who came out crying earlier, is that Greg's son?
His name is Roselle. He's the third son, but he's not as good as the two older boys. He's weak and cries easily, and there's nothing he can do. Just now, at the age of five, he was peeing in bed, and when I scolded him, he ran away crying. I don't know what kind of a grown-up he is going to become.
If you're only five years old, you'll grow up to be whatever you want to be.
I guess so. But, as expected of the lord's son. You can't compare it with Rossell's. You're not much older than him, either.

 The only reason I'm solid is because I'm reincarnated. I think I was at least five years old in a previous life when I was five years old, and I had at least one oneshot.

 After that, I was introduced to my first and second sons.

 I'll introduce myself as the son of the lord.

 My son's name is Gatos, the eldest son, and Marcus, the second son.
 Indeed, both were tall and stocky for their age.

 I looked at their statuses, and they were better than I'd imagined.

 The marginal values of leadership were both in the 40s, not the vessel of a general, but the marginal values of martial prowess were 77 for Gatos and 75 for Marcus, and even with the current numbers, they were good numbers, 67 for Gatos and 65 for Marcus. Wisdom and politics are both low.

 In terms of aptitude, Gatos had an A in infantry, all others were C or D. Marx had an A in archery, all others were C or D. Gatos was a C or D in close combat, Marx was a C or D in archery.

 You could say that Gatos is good at close combat, and Marx is good at long-range attacks with the bow.

 I wasn't surprised if they were not good at all, but it seems that sometimes rumors can be relied upon.

''What do you think?''
These two are pretty good. If you want to be a soldier in the future, you should have them training on the drill field tomorrow.

 I answered Rietz's question.

'Oh, good for you. You guys said you wanted to be a soldier and make a name for yourselves!

 Greg is apparently a hunter, but he seemed rather welcoming that both of his sons were going to be soldiers. Both of my sons are enthusiastic that I appreciate them and will gladly train them in the military camp.

'You can come in tomorrow as soon as possible,'

 When I heard a pleasant reply, I left the house.

 So my third son, Roselle, who had just left the house in tears, had returned home and we had just met.

 If my two older brothers are excellent, then maybe this third son, this boy, is also excellent.

 On a lighter note, I looked up Roselle's status.

 I looked at the status and gasped.

 Roselle Keesha, 5 years old, male.
 Leadership 35/88
 Valor 11/32
 Knowledge 45/109
 Politics 32/95
 Ambition 21
 Infantry D
 Cavalry D
 Archers C
 Magician C
 Castle A
 Weapons A
 Naval C
 Air Force A
 Plan S

 He had such tremendous wisdom that he was going to be a great military strategist in the future.