16-Episode 16: Get Permission

 This intellect limit value is just a tremendous one.
 With 109, there are probably not many people in the Samaforce Empire who can surpass him.
 Other than that, he also has excellent political and leadership skills. The only thing that's low is his martial prowess. He won't have any talent for combat.

 Currently, he is only five years old, so all of his ability values are low, but if he is raised, he will surely become an excellent vassal.

 I thought the two older brothers were good enough to come here, but to have a kid like Roselle.
 It was a fortuitous thing that the Keisha family moved to this village.

''Arus-sama, do you care about that boy?''

 As I stared at Roselle, Reetz called out to me.

''Ah, this boy has exceptional potential in intelligence. If you raise him, he will eventually become a good soldier.

It's just that he still has potential, and I'd like to see him get an advanced education.
'Then it would be a good idea to study, together with Master Ars. If she's that smart, I'll be happy to teach her.

 Studying with me.
 That would be good.
 Rietz is an excellent teacher, and I'm sure he'll be up to speed in no time.

 The only question is whether he and his father will give me permission to do so.

 Roselle has been silently trembling since earlier, staring at me. He has tears in his eyes.

 He seems to be frightened of me and Reetz.
 It's not like I've done anything in particular, but I don't know why I'm so frightened. Neither me nor Rietz are that scared of what they look like. If it's that we cry when we see our father, I don't understand.

'Oh, Roselle!

 His father, Greg, comes over and exclaims when he sees Roselle.

'You're the one who said hello to Master Ars!

 Roselle shook her head.

'You've got to say hello! You are the son of a great lord! You're a totally shy guy, you!

 You were the type of person who was shy.
 To be so frightened, that's pretty bad shyness.

 Well, in Roselle's case, her political power is also high on the margins.
 I think it is difficult to do politics with shyness, so perhaps training will help you recover in time.

 Greg has just arrived, and let's talk about getting Roselle educated.

'It's Greg and Roselle. We need to talk to you, okay?
Hmm? You still wanted to talk to me? I mean, I'm not the only one you're talking to, Roselle?
'Looking at this Roselle, he has the talent to become a military strategist in the future. Naturally, since he is a child now, his abilities are low at the moment, so I want him to receive an advanced education.
'Roselle is a military officer? You little pissant? You're kidding, right?
"All kids pee in bed. It's nothing to be ashamed of.
But he's really bad, he can't look people in the eye, he's much thinner and smaller, and he hasn't grown up at all. The two brothers were not like that, and even when they were five years old, they were much more solid than Roselle.

 It seems that Greg's reputation for Roselle is lower than I thought.
 Perhaps they only look at his physical strength and not his intelligence.
 Even at this point in time, he is undoubtedly a smart one for a child, so if he had been born into a family that allowed him to learn, he might have been hailed as a child prodigy, but there is no opportunity for him to learn anything about learning in a hunter's house.

 The fact that the two brothers are excellent in military prowess may have added to their low opinion of him.

 It is true that if you only compare their military prowess, Roselle is far inferior to her two brothers. But in terms of overall strength, on the contrary, Roselle's is far superior.

 At this point in time, I felt that it was difficult to get Greg to acknowledge Roselle's abilities. I guess I'll just have to ask for this anyway.

'It's true that Roselle has talent. If I can get him to study under me, I have no doubt that he will become a good military strategist. Will you give me permission to let him study in my mansion?
''Well, if Ars-sama says so, I have no reason to refuse. Roselle, okay?

 Roselle nodded silently when Greg told her that.

 It wasn't so much his own decision as it was his parents' decision to follow it. He didn't look too sunny. I'm not sure if it's a good idea, but I'm sure it's a good idea for a five-year-old child to follow his or her parents' advice.

Thank you. Then I would like to start tomorrow. Tomorrow morning, I want you to bring Gatos and Marcus to the parade ground and Roselle to the mansion where I live. Then that is all.
I understand.

 I wasn't sure if I should start out of the blue, so I decided to start tomorrow.

 When I heard Greg's reply, I left the house and went back to the mansion, excitedly waiting for the next day.