17-Episode 17 Study Together

 The next morning.

'Master Ars, Roselle is here.

 After receiving the report from Rietz, I hurried out of the mansion and went to meet him.

 When I went to the front, I saw Roselle, who had been brought by Greg.

''Oh, Ars-sama, I'm sorry for taking the trouble to greet you. Why don't you bow too?

 Greg grabbed Roselle's head and made her lower it.

'Well, I've got some work to do. Roselle, don't you ever bother me.

 With that, Greg left the mansion.

'Welcome, Roselle, to the mansion as soon as possible...'

 When I approach him as I speak to him, Roselle backs away, frightened.

 Is he that scared?
 Isn't this more of a category of anthropophobia than shyness?

'Roselle, I have no intention of harming you. Don't be so frightened.

 He said this with a smile on his face, so as not to frighten her.

 But Roselle's expression did not clear.

Oh, you're lying.

 He said.
 This was the first time he'd ever said the words properly.

"I'm not lying.
I don't believe it. There's no way I have any talent. You're just trying to get me to become a slave or something. Or maybe you just wanted to bully me for fun. Yeah, yeah, I'm sure that's what it is.

 As if to break the dam, Roselle started talking fast.

 He's a child with a very negative mindset.
 He doesn't seem to trust people easily.

 Well, as a military strategist, should I have that aspect? There would be a problem with being too positive and trusting people too quickly.

 However, I don't want them to be too wary here.
 I walked up to Roselle and grabbed his shoulders with both hands.
 His body was trembling with fear.
 I stared straight into Roselle's light blue eyes, moist with tears.

'I made you come here because I am convinced you have talent. I never meant to harm you.

 When I said that seriously, I felt Roselle's trembling subside a little.

 But I didn't believe it so easily, and after a few seconds, Roselle turned to the side and removed her gaze.

 There would be no point in saying anything more with his mouth.

'Then follow me.'

 I said, and headed to the study room where I always studied with Reetz.

'Is she going to be okay?'

 On the way to the house, Reetz asked in a whisper.

 Even after entering the mansion, Roselle is scurrying around with an anxious look on her face.
 He looks quite alarmed.

''Wan Wan!

 Arsis, the bird dog, a pet in the mansion, came running towards me.

''Whoa! It's a beast, too!

 The moment Roselle saw Arsis, she ran away and hid behind a nearby statue.

'You're too scared. It's totally fine and it's not a fierce beast.'

 I stroked Arsis' head to show him that I was okay. Then he flapped his wings on his back with a flap. He does this when he's happy.

'Isn't he cute?'

 She looks like a winged pet dog Pekinese Pekinese, so she's not scary, just cute.

He looks cute in that state, but yes, he transforms into a Cerberus. When the food comes, it transforms into a scary Cerberus, right? Yeah. Well, I was called in to feed the guy. That's what I'm talking about. I like small guys. I'm sure of it.

 Again, he speaks too quickly and puts out negative thoughts.

 This is a different vector than Charlotte again, and you have a habitual personality.

 She's scared, so I call a servant over and send her out to walk Arsis.

'This won't scare you, will it?'

 I say, but Roselle is still scurrying around, still wary.

 After wasting a lot of time, I arrive at my study room.

 There are many books in my study room.

'Speaking of which, can Roselle read?'

 The literacy rate in this world is not as high as in Japan.
 The probability of being able to read properly is very low, since I was five years old before that.

I can only read a little.

 If you can't read, the first thing you need to do is to learn to read.

 I couldn't read Leets at first either, but after about five days of study, I was able to read quickly.

 It took me about three weeks to learn it, and that's when I was reminded of the difference in talent.

 Roselle must be quite grounded if she has a high limit of intelligence.
 Considering that he was still a child and absorbed quickly, it wouldn't be surprising if he learned it faster than Reetz.

''I'll study on my own today and you can teach Roselle how to write.
I'm sorry, sir.

 I decided to do my own study and leave it up to Reetz to teach.

 Roselle was frightened, or maybe she was obedient to what Reetz said. I'm not sure if I can learn properly with that look.

 I concentrated on my own studies, trusting that Reetz would be able to handle it.

 However, when you don't have a good Rietz to teach you, it's hard to make much progress.
 I'm studying tactics, but I don't know much about actual combat to begin with, so I'm not sure what I'm getting into.

 Hmmm, let's study something else. And I can leave the tactics to the military strategists.
 I'll focus on geography and history.

 And so I changed my studies in such a way that I didn't learn anything properly after all. After all, my academic ability in my past life was middle or lower middle.
 It was impossible for me to concentrate on my studies like a demon.

 Quite a bit of time has passed, so let's see how well Roselle has mastered the letters.

 I stopped studying and looked at Roselle and Rietz, and saw Roselle reading something quietly.

 Rietz looks at Roselle without saying a word.

'What do you mean by this? Don't tell me you've already fully mastered the letters?'

 The characters in this world are closer to English than to Japanese.
 Since they don't use more than one type of character, the level of difficulty to learn it is lower than Japanese, but even so, it's astonishing that they learn it this quickly.

I know it's hard to believe, but........her swallowing ability is a bit uncommonly good. After he finished learning the letters, I made him read because he showed interest in the book.......
Are you reading the book correctly?
'Yes, this isn't actually the first book. It's the third book.
Nonsense. There are 300 pages in each book.
'I read very quickly anyway. That's how he understands what's going on. He doesn't respond to me while I'm reading, and he's terribly focused on what he's reading. When he's finished, he asks me a few questions about the book and I answer them. I have to sit and wait while Roselle reads. But there are geniuses out there...

 Roselle seems to be so grounded that it makes Rietz groan.

''At first I thought this boy was okay, but after all, it seems that there is no mistaking Master Ars' ability to see through people's talents.......''

 Afterwards, Roselle read several books in succession, as if she had grown fond of them.

 As night approached, he fell asleep, as if his head was tired or as if his batteries had suddenly run out.

 I ordered the servants to take Roselle home.