19-Episode 19 Trap


 The next day, when Roselle came to study, Reetz suggested that they make a trap.

'Yes. You, too, son of a hunter, would know a few things, wouldn't you?

 At Rietz's question, Roselle shook her head.

I don't know. I mean, what's a trap?

 He uttered something unexpected.

'Oh, you don't know the trap? Doesn't your father hunt by any means other than bow and arrow or direct combat?
I won't.
Really? I didn't expect it. Well, I'm not that familiar with the world of hunters either.

 If Greg doesn't know what a trap is, then he's more likely to admit it, even if the trap Roselle made isn't that complicated.

'So what's a trap, Doc?'
A trap is a way of catching a beast by setting a trap. The most famous one is the pit. They dig a deep hole in the ground, cover it with a thin wooden board, and put dirt and leaves on top of it to make it look like a nondescript hole. If you step on that, you'll fall into the hole.
Wow, whoever thought of that is really smart.

 Are you smart? I've never really given much thought to pitfalls, because I've known about them for some time now. Indeed, the first human being to come up with the pitfalls was probably smart.

'But if you think about it, I don't think it's a good idea to hunt that way. Because if your prey doesn't accidentally step on a hole, it's useless.

 Roselle mumbles and puts her right index finger to the area between her eyebrows. It's a habit he does when he thinks about something.

'If I put the bait where the pit is, they'll trap me....

 Mumbling, Roselle began to mutter.
 One after the other, he uttered a thought.

'Roselle, when you're done thinking, draw a diagram of what kind of trap you're going to make. I'll have a piece of paper and some writing materials ready.
I don't paint, okay?
Just so you know, it's easier to understand on the diagram.
That's okay. Okay, I'll write it down when I'm done thinking about it.

 Roselle made a thinking gesture and began mumbling her thoughts again.

 He is quite focused. In this state, he often doesn't even notice when he speaks to me.

''Can I make a trap for Roselle?''
'I don't know, but it sounds like you're trying very hard to concentrate and make it anyway. This might be something to look forward to.

 There was nothing more I could do, so I watched Roselle as she tried her best.


 I somehow looked into the traps that are actually used in this world.

 Apparently, in this Lumberg, there is no practice of using traps to take prey.

 Rietz, who is not from Lumberk, thought that traps were used for hunting, so traps must be used in other areas.

 Rietz also knows that traps are used, but he doesn't know what kind of traps they are, so in the end, there's not much I know about traps.

 I try to figure out what kind of traps I would like to use in my own way, but surprisingly this is not as easy to come up with as I thought it would be.
 To begin with, I don't know much about the biology of the animals that are commonly hunted in this world.
 So it's not so easy to make a trap.

 Roselle, being the son of a hunter, has quite a bit of knowledge about animals, so I'm okay with that.

 Halfway through, I gave up thinking about traps.
 However, the fact that there is no trapping in Lamberg means that if Roselle comes up with a good trap, rather than being recognized by Greg, it will contribute to improving the food production capacity of the village.

 That would kill two birds with one stone.

 I waited for Roselle to come up with a trap, with a little hope.

 Dozens of days passed.


 Roselle, who was facing the paper, said with a hearty smile.

 'It looks like we've finished making the trap.

'Alright, then, let's see the diagram.

 Roselle looked unusually cheerful and showed the diagram of the trap to Reetz. He seemed very happy to have completed it.

 Rietz looks closely at the diagram.

 Naturally, since this is the first time he has drawn the diagram, there are many parts that cannot be understood just by looking at it. Rietz has Roselle explain it in places. I looked at the diagram with him and listened to his explanation.

 Here's what Roselle had in mind for the trap.

 First of all, instead of going after a wide variety of animals, he would focus on one. In the case of the trap that Roselle came up with this time, she targeted the "Suu" animal that lives in large numbers in the forest near the village.

 It's not just a matter of time before you'll be able to get your hands on it. The taste of its meat is similar to that of a cow. It's not marbled like wagyu beef, but tastes like low-fat Aussie beef.

 Suu have a trait of rushing at yellow things, and this is a trap that they use to their advantage.

 The first step is to prepare a large enclosure. Inside the enclosure, you place a cloth soaked in the smell of apples, Sue's favorite food. Sue, who has a good nose, will now gather around the trap.

 Attach a door to the enclosure, but add some ingenuity to this door.

 I painted the outside of the door yellow and made it look like a pet door, so that when Sue rushes to the door, she can get in.
 The door should be designed so that if Sue rushes in, she has to pull it open from the inside. That way, once inside, Sue would not be able to get out.

 After hearing the description of the trap, I thought it was a pretty effective trap.

 But Leets.

I'm a little concerned about that. What about the durability of the door? If you make the door brittle, it'll break, and if you make it too hard, Sue could pass out and block the entrance if she hits her head on the door.

 I pointed out my concern.

'Sue's head is hard and she won't pass out easily. You should use something hard for the door so it doesn't break.'

 Roselle quickly answered Reetz's question.

''I see, and how do you plan to deal with the captured Sue?''
'If we make a human door in the enclosure and the number we capture is small, I think we can just go in and take them down normally. Sue's a coward, so unless she's wearing something yellow, she rarely rushes at you. If they have nowhere to run, I don't think it's too hard to hunt them. If there are too many of them, I'd have to attack them from the outside with a bow. I think we just need to set up one simple turret.

 Rietz thinks.

'Let's make one. First, let's make the enclosure narrower and build one that's large enough to catch only a couple of them. Since we won't even build a turret, it won't cost that much, so we won't have to report back to Raven-sama. If that gives us any results, we can ask Raven-sama to make a larger one. Okay, Ars-sama.
Yeah, I'll do that.

 But I didn't know they would really come up with a proper trap. It's astonishing for a five-year-old.

 As I recall, Roselle had an A for Weapons Aptitude.
The trap could be called a weapon, depending on how you look at it, so maybe that's part of it.

 Anyway, it was decided to actually create the trap that Roselle had in mind.