20-Episode 20 Result

 The making of the trap was done by a few servants.

 The material of the enclosure was wood. Stakes were driven into the enclosure and wooden boards were fitted between the stakes.

 The wooden boards were thick enough not to break even if they were to be rammed into the enclosure.
 There is a small hole in the board so that you can see what is going on inside.

 It's about the size of a tatami mat. Sue says that this will hold three bodies.

 However, if the board was full, there was a risk that a Sue rushing in from the outside might hit the Sue inside.

 Well, since this was an experiment to see if it was effective against the trap, we decided to ignore a problem that could be solved by making the enclosure wider.

 The door is made of a thin steel plate.
 If it is too thick, the door will not open, and if it is too thin, it will break.
 I don't know if it's the right thickness.
 If not, the door will have to be rebuilt again.

 I got the yellow paint for the door in town.

 I bought quite a bit of it, since I expect the color to fade to some extent with each rush. Paint can be expensive depending on the color, but yellow was cheap, so it wasn't a lot of money.

 A cloth impregnated with the smell of apples to lure Sue in could be made quickly. Since apples were common in the village, it would be easy to juice them and soak them in their juice.

 And the first trap was completed three days after the creation began. It was located in the village of Lambertwerk, in the middle of the nearby forest.

''Is this going to work?

 Roselle looks at the completed trap and mutters anxiously.

''We won't know that until we try it. Well, these things take a few trials and errors to perfect, it doesn't matter if you can't do it at first.''
Oh, okay.

 Hearing my words, Roselle's fears seemed to have cleared up a bit. The words, "It's okay if you can't do it," were probably more effective than expected for the negative Roselle.

 Then we left the trap.

 The next morning.

 I went with Reetz and Roselle to see if Sue was in the trap.

'This one's probably in........'

 Rietz said the moment he saw the trap.

 The yellow paint on the door was peeling slightly.
 It's probably a sign that Sue has rushed in.

 Rietz looked at the hole in the wall and peeked inside.

'There are two bodies in there. They look like they're sleeping.''
Oh, really?

 We look through the hole in the wall too. The kids are in a position where we can't reach them, and since we have a hole in the wall, Leets holds us up and looks inside. Sure enough, there were two sous. They are asleep, just as Reetz said. They are quite thick-skinned to be sleeping even though they are locked in.

 Rietz also checks the condition of the door and so on.

It seems to be all right. I'm sure this one will last quite a while.

 The durability of the door seemed to be fine, too.

''Does that mean we can just make a trap with a wider enclosure?
'I don't think it's a problem. I think this will make the hunt more efficient, and I think Greg will take a second look at Roselle.
And Dad will take a second look at me?

 There was no mention of the fact that Greg might revisit it if he made a good trap, in order not to put any extra pressure on Roselle.

'Then let's make a wider version of this one. Now let's get some of the hunters to help us out.
Yeah. What are you going to do with the captured Sue, by the way?
Let's just knock him into a coma and take him back to the mansion. I'm sure I can take Sue apart. We'll have it for lunch today. Oh yes, I'll eat Roselle too. It's a Sue I took from my own trap, so I'm sure it'll feel better than normal.

 Afterwards, Reetz comatose Sue inside and brought her back to the mansion.

 Then, at noon, he ate that Sue. Roselle ate it happily.


Hunt Sue with a trap...?

 The next day, he said, he would gather the village hunters at the meeting place in the village and create a trap to take Sue.
 If they agreed, he would ask the village hunters to help him make the trap.

 Rietz prepared a diagram and explained the trap.
 It was a diagram that Roselle had drawn and rewritten in an easy-to-read format.

 Greg said, sounding impressed.

'It wasn't my idea. It was Roselle's idea.'

 Startled, Greg looks at Roselle's face.

'That's not true. How could Roselle do that...?
'I told you that Roselle had a gift for high knowledge. It was all Roselle's idea, and I had nothing to do with it.
Well, it's true, Roselle.

 Greg asked, and Roselle nodded.

''Are you sure this is going to work?''

 As soon as I heard that Roselle had made it, I began to doubt the performance of the trap. He seemed to be very reluctant to admit Roselle's brilliance.

''We tried it once on a smaller scale and it worked, so it should be fine to make it bigger.

 Rietz explained.

'So, I'm going to need the ones here to help me make this, but will you do it? Naturally, any prey you catch using the trap can be used as your harvest. Once we learn how to make it, we can make the same thing ourselves.

 As I said this, the hunters began to raise their hands to help.
 Greg was the last one left, but he too showed signs of resistance, but eventually raised his hand.

'I guess that means we all have to help. Then we'll start tomorrow. We'll make a place in the nearby forest. We'll meet here early in the morning, once we're at this spot.

 The next day, the creation of a wide enclosure trap began.