21-Episode 21: Reward

 With the help of the hunters, he began to make a wide trap.

 The place to set the trap was around the center of the forest, just like the place where the narrow trap was set. We decided to remove the first trap we made and make it in that spot.

 The size of the enclosure is about seven times larger than the first one we made.

 There were a number of trees growing inside the enclosure, and it was going to be inconvenient to deal with the sous that were caught in the trap, so I cut down the trees, leaving a few of them in place. Those trees will be used as material for the enclosure.

 I also built a turret that I didn't set up in the first trap I built.
 It is a very simple turret, about 4 meters high. It would not be very useful on the battlefield, but this height is sufficient for this project.

 After six days of work, the trap was completed.

 Although the scale of the trap was larger, there were more people working on it than before, so the time it took was not as long as it should have been.

''Is this really going to take Sue?

 Greg muttered as he looked at the completed trap with a skeptical eye.

'The basic mechanics haven't changed as we've scaled it up, so we'll be fine.

 Rietz said, but Greg's suspicions didn't seem to have been confirmed.

 After I finished making it, I waited a day, away from the trap as before.

 Then, the next day, I went to look at the trap to see the results.

 Roselle has dark circles in her eyes. I guess I couldn't sleep last night because I wasn't sure if it would work.
 Not so much when he checked the first trap, but it still seems to be a lot of pressure to be seen by Greg.

 As with the previous traps, it's easy to tell when you're trapped by looking at the door.

 The yellow paint is peeling off. It's peeling more than before, so there are probably more of them than before.

'It's probably taken, isn't it?'

 Rietz predicted that and went to look inside.

'It takes three ... well, four of them, doesn't it?
Oh, really?
Oh, I see it.

 Greg and the hunters who had helped create it began to look inside the trap.

'Really! It's on you!
It's a success!

 The hunters began to rejoice in the success of the trap.

 I looked inside, and sure enough, there were four sous inside the enclosure. This time they were awake. They were licking a cloth soaked with the smell of apples.

 When Roselle saw that Sue was in there too, she exhaled heavily, relieved.

'Nope, but this is handy. I don't have to go out of my way to chase after it to get it.''
Suu's guy is fast on his feet, and if he misses a shot, he's easy to escape from. He's not very big, so it's hard to hit him with an arrow.
'In this condition, we can hunt a stone's throw away. Well, I thought Greg's third son would be okay, unlike the older two, but he's pretty awesome.

 When the hunters saw the results of the trap, they were pleased that the hunt would be easier from now on, and praised Roselle for designing it.
 Not being used to receiving much praise, Roselle was puzzled.

 Greg was a little confused as to what to do, but he put his hand on Roselle's head and

Roselle, you've done well.

 He complimented Roselle.

 The praise made Roselle's eyes widen for a moment. And then.


 He nodded with the biggest smile I've ever seen on his face.


 From this day on, the hunters began to hunt with traps that were initiated by Roselle.

 This increased the efficiency of the hunt for Suh, and Suh was often eaten in the village.

 Since they were not originally available to hunt that often, the meat of the Sioux was a feast, and the village's food situation changed dramatically.

 They also used the dried meat from the Suh to barter for food that had never been available in the village before.

 The praise from his father for this case may have boosted his confidence, and his negative personality improved, albeit slightly.

 Roselle was summoned by her father to receive a reward for her work in devising the trap.

'Let him take five gold pieces as a reward.

 That's quite a lot of money.
 Greg, who was next to Roselle, rolled his eyes in amazement.

 Incidentally, Charlotte, who was sitting with me near me, muttered, "For me twelve........ The price of buying Charlotte was five silver coins, and a gold coin is worth the same as ten silver coins, so ten is the correct answer. It looks like I should let Charlotte study at least a little bit.

 Roselle doesn't look too happy to receive five gold coins from her father. He has an unflattering look on his face.
 Gregg's side is happy to fly and is praising Roselle all over the place, but why is that? Five gold coins is a big amount of money, and it shouldn't be hard not to be happy, right?

 I wondered, and after the rewarding was over, I asked Roselle, "No, you can't take it.

''No, because I was wondering if I should get... so much...''
'You can have it, Roselle, for all that you've done. You deserve it.
''Because... all the hunters in the village will be using traps, and sooner or later, Sue might disappear from the forest, and then it will be the opposite, and then, oh, I won't be able to eat Sue because of me...''

 If you ask me, yes. If I kept hunting, the Sioux would eventually be gone.
 It's a simple thing, but the happy reality of being able to hunt more Suhs seemed to have clouded my eyes.
 Only Roselle didn't properly cloud her eyes and looked to the future.

''Oh, since we got so much gold, we shouldn't do that.......somehow, we have to do something about it......but if I tell you to release some of them, will you listen to me......will the hunter listen to me not to take them when I can get them.......or just let the kids go.......but I wonder if we can kill the parents and live on with just the kids......or develop a trap to catch another animal......or better yet.........

 Roselle muttered to herself and began to think of countermeasures.

 It seems that the fact that his roots are negative hasn't changed in the area where he would normally be buoyant, but he's thinking about countermeasures because he's worried about the future.

 But after this incident, I understood that the negative side is not necessarily just a bad thing.

 I've changed my mind, and I've changed my mind that perhaps Roselle will be a better military strategist if she continues as she is.