23-Episode 23: Married Woman

 My wife...?

 No, if I think about it calmly, I'm an aristocrat now, so it's not surprising that I have at least one of the forgiven marriages.

 However, I had never heard a single word about its existence until now, so I was quite surprised.

''Um, do you really have a forgiven marriage in me? Why didn't you tell me this before?
I forgot.

 Even if you forget, you don't usually forget such important things....
 My father seems to have a shrewd personality, but he can be a bit sketchy.

Your bride is the daughter of the Plaid family, who are the lords of Torbexta here in Canale County. ''Ghohohohohoho the Lord of Torbekista, Hamand and I are close friends. Ten years ago now, or maybe a year before you were born, Hamand already had a six-year-old son, a four-year-old second son, and a newborn daughter. They had promised that when I had children, the eldest daughter would marry, goo-ho-ho-ho-ho.......

 With an occasional cough, my father explained the situation.

 It doesn't seem to be a complicated political situation, does it? Well, but my father is an upstart, and since there are few blood relatives in the nobility, marriage will be important.

 Naturally, the weakness of having few blood relatives will remain when I become a lord. For myself, being able to marry a child of a nobleman is not a bad thing.

 The desire to fall in love and marry the person I have fallen in love with is not absent, as that was the norm in my previous life, but I will have to give up here.

 The letter was said to be in Reetz's possession at the moment, so I left the room and headed down to Reetz.


 Rietz was in the study room.
 Roselle and Charlotte and the twins, Kreitz and Ren, were also there.

 Charlotte was dealing with the twins, while Rietz and Roselle were studying.

 I've been letting Charlotte study lately, as it would be better for her to learn at least a little bit of knowledge. I don't remember it very well, though.

'Good morning, Lady Ars,'
Good morning, Ars.
Oh, there's Master Arth. Hi.

 Rietz, Roselle, and Charlotte greeted me as they came in. I returned the greeting as well.

 Over the past three years, the three of them have changed a lot in appearance.

 First of all, Rietz is now eighteen years old, and his youthfulness has completely disappeared, giving him the appearance of an adult. Speaking of Japanese 18-year-olds, it seems that they still have a lot of childhood left in them, but in Rietz's case, maybe it's because he has experienced so much in warfare, but there's not a hint of infancy in his appearance.
 He has also grown taller, reaching nearly 190 cm.

 He's also experienced many times in battle, so his status has grown a lot. Currently.

 Leadership 95/99
 Bravery 89/90
 Knowledge 95/99
 Politics 90/100

 He has gone up in full force and is in the ninety range, all but the valiant ones.

 Roselle is eight years old, still a child, but she has grown a lot more than before. He has grown about fifteen centimeters taller and is about 130 centimeters tall.
 His face is still very young. Perhaps because he is always wrinkling his brows and thinking, his eyes seem to be slightly worse than before.
 His personality has become very mature. Sometimes he says things that would make even adults groan.


 Leadership 40/88
 Valor 15/32
 Wisdom 88 /109
 Politics 50/95

 It's like this.
 The rise in intelligence is remarkable, but other than that, politics has only risen. Well, I haven't given him any martial arts training at all, and his leadership skills will only improve with experience on the battlefield, so there's no way he can do that.
 In the meantime, it might be a good idea to have Roselle train in martial arts as well.

 Lastly, Charlotte, she's fifteen years old, isn't she?
 When I met her, her body was still in its infancy, but she's grown up, she's grown taller, and her body has become more feminine.
 The growth of her breasts in particular is amazing. They have grown so large that you could call them big breasts. Occasionally, for reasons unknown, she will hug me, but when she does, it is very difficult to react. I'm not really used to dealing with women.
 My personality is three years old, but it's still as elusive as ever. However, he does seem to like kids, as he's still dealing with the twins.

 Leadership 78/92
 Valor 103/116
 Knowledge 44/45
 Politics 36/40

 This is what it looks like.
 He has experienced many battles and his leadership has skyrocketed.
 However, his martial prowess has surprisingly not grown much. It has only grown by 2 in three years.
 The rate of status increase is not so clear in many places.
 There are days when it would go up by 3 in a day, but there could be cases like this one where it would only grow by 2 in 3 years.

 In Charlotte's case, I think it's because she doesn't have a desire to rise.
 Apparently, she's already satisfied with her current magic and doesn't want to get any better at it.

 In fact, there's no doubt that his current numbers are outstandingly high, so it's not hard to see why he's satisfied.
 As for me, though, I'd like to see her raise it even higher, because I'm curious to see how far she'll be able to use her awesome magic once she gets it up to the max.
 If a magical soldier appears who can surpass her, then a rivalry might develop and she might try to get better at it.

'Rietz, did your father leave a letter for you?
'Ah, a letter from Lady Ars's pardoned wife. I have it for you, sir.

 I received the letter that Rietz produced from his pocket.

'Ah, Ars, you had a forgiving wife ... what's she like?'
I haven't seen him. I just found out about it. I don't know his name, either.
It's possible...

 Roselle was slightly shocked.

''Oh, you have a forgiving wife? Didn't Master Ars buy me to be his wife?
Who said that and when did he say it?
'Oh, well, you bought it to make you a mistress.
It's not that either.

 Charlotte laughs kleptomaniacally. She seems to be just teasing me. It's hard to judge him because he sometimes makes serious, weird statements.

 I take a look at the letter.

 The sender was written as Lysia Plaid. So it's called Lycia. I remember.

 The letter starts with a greeting, then tells me that he enjoys growing flowers, that he was happy to see a beautiful flower bloom recently, and so on, spelling out what's going on in his recent life in beautiful letters.
 And finally.

Then I'll be there soon as promised.

 It was written.