24-Episode 24   Restraint

 I will be over there soon as promised.

 That's what it said.

 Of course, there was no way he was making a promise to someone he had just found out about just now.

 Either my father made the promise on his own, or this child thinks he made it on his own.

 Probably the former. Or rather, I hope it's the former.
 I'm not comfortable with a girl who thinks she made a promise she didn't make on her own to be my wife.

 Also, it says it's coming soon, but it doesn't give an exact date.
 I guess they don't write it down because they think they know it too.

 By the way, the calendar in this world has 360 days in a year, divided into twelve months. The whole month is thirty days. This is similar to the calendar used on earth.
 I don't know how the calendar was established.

 The earth sets the number of days the earth goes around the sun as one year, but we don't even know if this world is a sphere or not.
 Well, there is something that looks like the sun, and something that looks like the moon and something that looks like a star come out at night, so I think the possibility of it being a sphere is high.

 Today's date is June 3rd. As for the seasons, May, June and July are winter, so it's a bit complicated.
 Spring is in August, September, and October; summer is in November, December, and January; and autumn is in February, March, and April.
 My birthday is August 8th.

 I digressed considerably. Anyway, the fact that it will be coming soon means that it will be between the 7th and 9th of June.

 I guess I'll have to ask my father about it. If he decided to make an appointment on his own, my father would know.

'What was written in the letter, Master Ars?

 Rietz asked.

'Apparently, a child of my forgiven marriage will be here soon. Do you have any idea what that means?
'What? I'm sorry, sir. I didn't hear that. But it's a big deal. I'm sure I should have been hospitable to you if you were coming, but I haven't made any preparations. When will the exact date be?
I don't know. I don't remember making any promises, of course.
I suppose you'll have to ask Master Raven about that.

 Reetz came to the same conclusion I did.

 My father was not already in the dining room. He would be back in his room recuperating, so I went there and asked him about it.

'Ah ... come to think of it, I may have made such a promise ... quite some time ago ... but Hammand wanted me to see him once, while he was still a child. I think I was told ... and I think I nodded. It was probably a drinking session, so my memory isn't as clear as it could be.
'Well you were promised after all. So when will you be able to come?
'Well ... the ... sixth of June? No, it's the fourth. Yes, four days, I'm sure of it. I just remembered.

 Four days...? Four days.....

'Oh, that's tomorrow!
No, that's not it! Why didn't you tell me until the day before?

 When I questioned him, my father looked bummed out, scratched his cheek, and then made a sudden, determined face.

'Ars, listen to me mindfully,'
Yes, sir.
We all make mistakes.

 I wondered what he was going to say with a determined look on his face, but he opened it up.

 I'm much dismayed.

'Rietz, you must start preparing for hospitality ASAP.
I'm sorry, sir.

 I ordered Reetz, who was visiting my father's room with me, to get ready.


 Preparing for the hospitality in one day was very difficult, and then the whole house was in an uproar.

 It would be a disaster if the engagement story broke up because of the poor hospitality to his fiancee.
 It would be the worst form of rudeness to have forgotten about it. I can't be honest with you. It was necessary to prepare for a hospitality that would satisfy them at all costs in a single day.

 The villagers also asked for help from anyone who was available to help them prepare the interior of the house and clean up the slightly dilapidated exterior of the house, all at a rapid pace.

 It was a very difficult situation, but as expected of a perfect superhuman, Reetz. He was able to give instructions quickly and efficiently, and the work was progressing at a very fast pace.
 There are no longer any vassals who would make fun of the Marquesian Liez, and they all listened to the instructions.

 I also prepare a bouquet of flowers and other things, since I know from the letter I received that he likes flowers.

 In the letter, it was written that he likes Miramis, a flower that blooms in winter. The letter said that he likes Miramisu flowers in winter, when they don't bloom as often as they used to.

 The Miramisu is a white cluster amaryllis that looks like a white spider lily. They bloom in the garden of my house.
 I didn't have a good impression of cluster amaryllis because they are poisonous and have a Buddhist image of death.
 There is no poison in the Miramis and there is no religious context, so it was seen as just a beautiful flower.

 This miramisu was to be picked and presented as a bouquet of flowers, or transplanted to the garden of the mansion to decorate the garden of the village's flowering miramisu.

 The other party would have a large amount of miramis since they are growing them, so they wouldn't be happy to give them away. But I decided to do it as it is, because I think it's important to show that we're willing to adapt to their preferences.

 At any rate, I think I've managed to keep up appearances in one day. The other side isn't the daughter of a great lord either, and I don't think that this will somehow be treated as disrespectful.

 Rietz, who looked slightly tired after being made to work all day, came up to me.

The rest is up to Master Ars, but I'm sure he'll be fine.

 And he said something that would put pressure on me.

 It is so.
 In the end, it's up to me whether or not they like me in the end.
 No matter how much I try to keep up appearances, if they don't like me, all my efforts will be for naught.

 Reetz seems to trust me for some reason, but frankly, I'm not as confident as I should be.

 According to my father, he's a year older than me, so I guess the other guy is ten years old.
 It might have been better if she was a little younger, but a ten year old girl is a bit of a difficult age to be at.

 I'm sure she's a child, but she's probably at a delicate age where if you treat her as a child, she'll hurt you. I guess it's about that age that you fall in love for the first time.

 I was not the type of person who was popular with women, and even in this life, my face is not that good. It's quite ordinary.

 Will I be able to make it in this life?

 It was only a day, and there was no way I could come up with a good plan.

'Master Ars, Lady Lycia is here to see you!

 The time has come.