31-Episode 31

 The next day, my father woke up.

 He woke up, but he didn't seem to be very well. He looked lazy and his fever hadn't come down yet. I told him to keep the possibility of dying under wraps for now and to rest anyway, as it might shock him if I told him everything about his illness.
 He followed the instructions quietly, as if it was too hard for him to do so.

''Maybe I shouldn't tell Raven-sama about that now.

 I talked it over with Reetz and decided not to tell my father about the assassination of Governor Meesian.

 It would be a bad idea if his illness worsened due to the unnecessary heartache.

'So ... what do you think is going to happen to the Rovent family now?

 I asked.
 By the way, I'm now inviting Rietz and then Roselle to the room where I'm always studying to have a discussion.
 Rietz, of course, and Roselle, whose intellect has grown to 94, have been able to give me good opinions in these discussions.

'Hmmm, I think the battle is definitely going to happen,'
Of course.
I mean, the Governor died before his successor was chosen, didn't he? You'll have to fight to decide.
Does Rietz feel the same way?
Yes, there will be a war.

 After all, it's safe to assume that the Governor is dead at this point = war.

''The question is when it will happen, though. But since the cause of death was assassination, there is no chance that they will claim each other as the mastermind and start fighting immediately.
'I see but who would send an assassin to assassinate you at this time of year?
It seems that the one who killed the Governor was captured at one point, but he committed suicide before he could get any information out of him, and who is behind it remains a mystery.
Is one of the brothers guilty?
''I don't know. It's only at the stage where the succession is back to a blank slate at the moment, so I don't think there's any point in assassinating him. It's possible, though, that the Governor had confided in someone about who he was going to choose, and one of the ones who hadn't been chosen had heard about it. It's also possible that it's an assassin from another state. It was pretty obvious that killing the Governor would cause chaos for the Meesians. Well, though, it might not be the same, since it's quite difficult to turn in an assassin from the outside and make a successful assassination attempt.

 Could it be an outside crime besides the brothers?
 Either way, now that the assassin is dead, it's going to be hard to find out what really happened.

''We can't think about finding the culprit, and even if we do, there's nothing we can do about it, so let's stop here. The question is what to do after the war happens. Raven-sama isn't in a body that can go to war for a while.

 I've told Rietz and Roselle about my father's diagnosis.

'Can't Rietz lead the troops?
''And that's preposterous, that's not true. It's true that I'm more accepted by the Rovent family than I used to be, but leading an army is impossible. The only way is for Ars-sama to go. The soldiers are fighting for the loyalty of House Rovent. Therefore, without Master Raven or Master Ars, the morale of the troops will be low.


 It's doubtful that I can do it properly, but if I don't, my father will die. I have no choice.

Well, before we fight, the mayor of Canale County will probably call me up. There will probably be a meeting to decide what the policy of Canale County as a whole will be from now on.
...and my father had better not answer it either.
Yes, even though it's only a discussion, it's still a physical hazard to you to begin with just moving around. I don't think you should leave.
"Hmmm, I guess I'll have to be the representative at the meeting... I don't know if I'll be able to go out of the blue and do it right... I don't know, I'm suddenly having a lot of problems... I wasn't that busy until yesterday...

 I winced.

'But go for it,'
"Roselle you're awfully different...
"Well, uh, Mr. Ars. I will do my best to assist you. And Roselle, don't think you're somebody else's problem, but make sure you help Master Ars.

 Roselle nodded.

'And should I not tell my father any information about the Governor's death for years to come?
If you tell them that the Governor is dead, they might get carried away despite his illness. If you are resting as the doctor said, the information won't be exposed, but if you are resting as the doctor said, the information won't be exposed. But if they find out, they will be very angry with you.
It's a lot cheaper than being pissed off.

 My father is certainly scared when he's angry, but he can't be scared of that in this situation.

''First of all, there will be some time before the head of Canale County summons you. Until then, I have to study warfare and practice swordsmanship.
Yes, I'll take care of the teaching.

 I studied and practiced more than usual for a while.

 Then, on March 15, I received a letter from the mayor of Canale County.
 Then, on March 15, I received a letter from the mayor of Canale County asking me to come to Canale Castle as soon as possible.