32-Episode 32 Canale Castle

 When the letter arrived I headed for the town of Canale.

 Accompanying me were Rietz, Charlotte, and a few other older family members.

 I wondered if I should take Charlotte with me, but apparently she is feared by the rest of the family because of her success on the battlefield and her elusive personality. I decided to take her along with me, as showing her that I have her under my control will increase the chances of gaining the approval of other families.

 Incidentally, I didn't send a letter of reply, so the other side didn't know I was coming.
 The letter said to gather as soon as possible, so after receiving it, I went to Canale immediately. So I had no time to send out a reply.

 We arrived at the town of Canale and entered a section surrounded by a castle.
 We proceeded through it and arrived at the castle.

 There we were stopped by the gatekeeper.

'The castle of Canale is just ahead. This is where the county chief is living. We can't let anything through without permission.'

 I didn't get a permit or anything.
 What do you mean?

''Master Raven's face is known to me, so I could just go right through, but it's tougher with Master Ars...''
What. Can't you get through?
'No, there is a well-known Charlotte here, and then I am reasonably well known, but the gatekeepers don't seem to know about it. If you can get someone from the castle to bring one of the chief ministers, I'm sure we can get through.

 I'm following Reetz's advice.

"I am Ars Loebent, son and heir of House Loebent. My father, Raven Rovent, is unable to come for some reason, so I, a trueborn son, am here at the summons of the Lady Lemayr Pyles. If you doubt me, tell the castle of my story once, and bring someone to confirm it with a senior vassal. I may not know it, but my vassals will.

 I said.
 The gatekeeper hears my words and looks a little troubled. He seems to be confused about how to respond. I guess he doesn't know what to do since he still looks young on the outside.
 Then a slightly older soldier comes in.
 When the gatekeeper told the soldier what happened, the older soldier came to check on us.
 At that moment, he rolled his eyes and

Oh, no! The Blue Reaper of Ramberg!

 He shouted that.
 He seemed to be saying it while looking at Charlotte.

'I wish you wouldn't call me that because it's not pretty.

 Charlotte mutters with a displeased expression.
 I didn't know there were two names for such a thing. That's the first time I've heard of it.

'Yes, and the Marcas over there are the Rumberg cruel demons!

 This time he looked at Reetz and said so.

'Are you being cruel?'
''No I don't remember doing anything particularly cruel... well, it's a battlefield, so I'm killing them. That's an unwillingness to be called.

 Rietz was not happy about it either.

 After that, he seemed to realize that I was the heir of the House of Laubent with them in tow, and he agreed to lead me to the entrance of the castle.

 Canale Castle is an old castle, not a big castle, but a small one. It is not the opulent castle you might imagine when you hear the word "castle".

 When I got to the entrance of the castle, a middle-aged man was standing in front of the entrance. He was wearing an expensive costume that I could tell just by looking at him. Is he a vassal of the Pyles family? He was also quite high up in rank. The soldier who was showing us around said, "Please wait a moment," and went to talk to the man.

 After we spoke, the middle-aged man rushed over to us.

'Is it true that Master Raven is ill!

 He asked.

'True, but are you?'
'Oh, excuse me. It is a pleasure to meet you, Mr. Ars Rovent, and I am Menace Leonard, of the House of Pyles, one of your vassals.

 I knew it.

 I'm going to make an appraisal.

 Menace Leonard, 40 years old, male.

 Leadership 71/71
 Valor 70/70
 Wisdom 75/77.
 Politics 78/78
 Ambition 25
 Infantry B
 Cavalry B
 Archers A
 Magician C
 Fortress B
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force D
 Plan B

 That's a moderate ability value. There are no outstanding points, but they are all excellent values in their own right.
 It's a good thing that you're able to have a B in most of the combat systems as well.

I'm sure you've already heard, but I'm Ars Rovent. My father's deputy. These men in the back are my vassals. I didn't feel comfortable bringing them along on my own, so I sent them with me.
Yeah, I've seen you around. We've fought together on the battlefield, haven't we?

 Rietz nodded, saying yes, but Charlotte didn't seem to be on the same page and tilted her head.
 Menace has an unassuming look on his face, so it might not be easy to remember him. It's rude, no doubt about it.

 Menace didn't seem to care about Charlotte's attitude and began to talk.

'I didn't know you were going to be sick Raven-sama... what kind of illness is it?'
The doctor says it's Glei's disease.
'Gulai's disease! So you are not in a position to fight, then?

 Menace was astonished that he had knowledge of the disease.

'Yes, the doctor said I should be resting,'
''My God ... at a time like this ... this is going to be very painful ... and I'm sure Master Lemayr will be saddened...''

 Menace looked very discouraged.

''And anyway, I will take you to Lemeil-sama. Since the other lords haven't arrived yet, Lemeil-sama will talk to you as soon as all of you are present, but please meet with him first.''
I understand.

 We were ushered to the place where the county chief, Lemayle, was located.