33-Episode 33: Mayor's Story

 As I followed Menace, he led me to a luxurious door.

'Could you wait here for a moment?'

 He asked me that. I nodded yes.

 After confirming my answer, Menace walks into the door.
 A few seconds later.

'What! Is that true!

 I heard a shout of "I don't know what to do!

 Then Menace came out, seemingly in a panic.

Ladies and gentlemen, please come in.

 I was ushered into a room.

 Then a bearded man came running up to me.

'You're Ars!' Is it true that Raven has fallen ill!
Well, yeah, that's true.

 The man's momentum pushes me a bit.

'Oh, I'm sorry. My name is Rumail Pyles. I am the lord of this castle and the governor of Canale County. I believe I met you when you were still a child, Ars, do you remember? You've grown up, haven't you?
Yes, sir, I remember.

 It was a long time ago, so it's a bit hazy to remember, but I'm sure I recognize him. I remember I was a bit younger then.
 I think I must have done an appraisal, but I don't remember it. I think I was pretty good at it.

 I tried to appraise Lemayle.

 Lemayle Pyles, 44 years old, male.
 Leadership 67/68
 Valor 86/86
 Politics 72/73
 Ambition 31
 Infantry B
 Cavalry C
 Archers C
 Magician D
 Castle D
 Weapons D
 Navy D
 Air Force B
 Plan D

 His military prowess is high, and all of his other abilities are in their own right. I don't know if it's fair to say that he has the capacity to be the mayor of a county.

I'm sure that the disease your father contracted is Glai's. To tell you the truth, I lost my sister to Glai's disease. I have lost my sister to Glai's disease, so I know how horrible that disease is. Raven will have to rest for now...

 His relatives had Glai's disease?
 The doctor said it was a rare disease, so it was a little strange that Menace knew about it, but then, isn't that strange?

'It is truly admirable that you have come this far to represent your father when you are only ten years old or so. It looks like there is a good successor in the Loebent family.

 Rumail said as he smiled at me.

'The other lords have not yet arrived, so wait a moment. Menace, show Ars and the others to their rooms.

 After Menace replied, he said, "Then follow me," and led us to a room to wait for us.

 It was a reasonably large room, with sofas, chairs, and beds to relax in.

'I suppose the county chief's story is, after all, that you'll be following one of your brothers in this battle?
'I'm sure you're right. Perhaps Master Lemayre's stomach is set on which side he's going to take, and that's what he's called to tell you.

 Perhaps he will talk about joining his brother.
 It's possible they'll ask for my opinion, but I can't really say anything at that point. Because with the information I have right now, I don't know whether it would be more beneficial or detrimental to follow my brother or my brother.

 After a while, Menace appeared in the room.

'The other lords have arrived, and Master Lemayr will speak to you. Please follow me.

 I told him so.

I understand.

 We followed Menace.

 We are led into the great hall of the castle.
 There is a round table in the middle. Two men are already sitting at that round table. They are probably the lords of Canale County, except for me. Around the round table, people who seemed to be vassals of the lords were standing in an upright position.

 Canale is made up of four fiefdoms - Lumberk, Torbekista, Khmer, and Canale.

 As for the size of the territory and the number of people in the territory, it's like Canale > > > Torbekista > Khmer > Lumberk.

 Canale, which is ruled directly by the county mayor, is the largest and most populated. The others are all the same, although Lamberg is the smallest, but there is no big difference between the two.

''It's nice to meet you, I'm Ars Rovent. I'm here on behalf of my father, Raven, Lord of Lumberg.

 I greeted the other two lords.

''Nice to meet you, I'm Hamand Plaid, Lord of Torbekista. I see my daughter was taken care of last time. My daughter was happy to see you.

 The first blond man said that.
 He's Lysia's father. I feel the resemblance somehow.

''I'm glad to hear that you enjoyed our hospitality.
'But Raven has come down with a cold? That guy who wouldn't die if I killed him. Well, I'm not that worried about him, since he'd probably blow out a cold.

 Hamand doesn't seem to be worried about his father. He was close with his father and knew him well, so he doesn't seem to think that he will die from the disease at all.

This is the first time for me," he said. This is the Khmer Lord, Kral Orslow. "It will be a terrible tragedy if Raven cannot come.

 A man approaching the first age said this.

 I must know these two lords properly. That's when I decided to use the appraisal as soon as possible.

 Lemayle appeared.

 The lords got up from their seats and bowed towards Lemayle. I mimicked that as well.

''Raise your face.''

 With that said, I raise my head.
 Then, after Lemayle took a seat, the lords, including me, took their seats.

''Well assembled. What I am about to tell you now is nothing else, and I would like to indicate my intentions here, in the event of a battle due to the assassination of the Governor-sama, whether I will follow my brother Clan-sama or my brother Basamark-sama.

 The story was as expected.

 It was also as expected, and Lemayr made it clear that he would follow his brother's clan.
 As we had decided beforehand, I agreed to it without any particular objection. None of the other lords had any objections either.

'Well, there is nothing else to talk about now. Each of you prepare your forces for the coming battle.''

 That's all there was to it?
 I don't know if it was necessary to collect the information in order to say that much, but it was so important that he really wanted to get direct consent.
 We replied to Lemayre's approval, and that was the end of today's conversation.