35-Episode 35   Emergency

 For weeks, I had been conducting mock battles and selecting soldiers who looked like they would be good at clandestine reconnaissance.

 The mock battles did not go well, to be honest.
 I studied warfare to a certain extent, but it was often not that useful for actually leading soldiers.
 In my case, there is an obstacle to overcome in leading an army. It is to become unafraid.
 Even in a mock battle, I can't help but feel intimidated when I see soldiers charging at me with the intention of fighting.
 When that happens, it's not possible to give orders calmly to the soldiers.

 If you are frightened in mock battles, you can't possibly fight in real battles. To be honest, I'm worried about the future.

 And the selection of those who would be gathering information, but since my appraisal was not that useful for this, it was a difficult task.
 There is no 'information gathering' item on the aptitude list, and we don't even know what status is best suited for it.

 I feel like I'm good at the ones with high martial prowess and intelligence, so I chose from those two as high as possible.
 It's impossible to pick one and let him go right away, so I'm letting Leets train him now. He also did some clandestine stuff when he was a mercenary, so he seems to have some knowledge of that sort of thing.

 Then on April 5th.

''Alright, it's time for me to resume my activities.
You're still at rest!

 My father's condition is getting much better.
 However, he is not the type of person to stay still, and he can't seem to resist the urge to be active at any moment.

 He's managed to stop it for now, but I'm worried that he will eventually run out of patience.

 After I put my father to bed quietly in his room, I go back to my room.
 We had a mock battle yesterday, and I'm feeling very tired. I had decided to take a rest today, so I'll take it easy and stay in my bed in my room.

 On the way back to that room.


 Rietz called out to me, looking flustered.

'What. Today is the day I decided to take the day off.
I understand, sir, but I have some information that I need to share with you as soon as possible.
It is said that the province of Saitu is sending troops to Canale territory.

 I'm upset.

 Saitu is the province west of Meesian. The Canale territory is on the border of that province with Saitu.

 I've been so focused on the conflict between my brother and his brother that I've forgotten the rest of the enemy.
 Now that the Governor was dead and there was no unity in the province, this would be the perfect opportunity for the other provinces to invade.

I heard that the enemy is invading towards Khmer territory. They won't arrive until four days later. I received a letter from the governor of Canale County, urging me to march into battle as soon as possible.

 Khmer is a territory that is right on the border of the province, and my Rumberg territory is the farthest place in Canale County from the province of Seitz.

 Even so, if other territories were to be invaded, Lamberg would eventually be invaded as well. Even if we weren't ordered to do so, we had to go to war.
 Even though my father was getting much better, it would be a bad idea to send him into battle.

 So, unexpectedly, the day had come for him to go into battle for the first time. I had to conduct my first battle while I was still scared of a mock battle.

 Thinking about it, the tension rose and my heart began to beat rapidly.
 Somehow, I tried to keep my expression unchanged, trying not to let Leets realize the tension I was feeling.

'All right. I'll go into battle. I will lead the troops.

 Rietz paused for a moment to reply.
 I don't think I have enough power right now, but I can't disagree with you in this situation. He must have such mixed feelings.

 After that, we headed to the training grounds to get the soldiers ready to go into battle.
 On the way he heard from Reetz about the enemy's strength, but he didn't have a specific number in his letter. If a large army were to come, there would be no room for error, but since Saitu State is not completely united in Saitu State, he doesn't expect that large of an army to come.
 If a large army does come, they won't be able to win, so they'll probably call for reinforcements. I don't know if they will come.

 We arrive at the training grounds.
 I told them that we were about to fight and had them begin preparations.

 The soldiers who weren't at the barracks are called in and all the soldiers are assembled.

 Charlotte was half asleep, as if she had slept earlier on her day off.

 Once we were completely assembled, I stood in front of the soldiers. It would be better to say something to boost their morale before going into battle.

 As I stood in front of the soldiers, I began to feel the reality that I was about to go to my first battle, and the tension grew.
 I take a deep breath once and suppress the tension.
 Then I began to speak to the soldiers in a loud voice.

'We're about to go to war to defend Canale County! I'm........

 When I got there, my words were interrupted by a loud voice that shook the air.

 It's my father's voice.

 I turned my gaze in surprise to the direction of the voice.

 My father came up to me, radiating a tremendous menace.

Ars, you're not ready for that.

 I said.