38-Episode 38   Last

 I got the report that my father wanted to talk to me and I went to the room where he was sleeping.

 I opened the door and walked in.

 Inside there is only my father lying on the bed and no one else is there. It's just the two of us.

'Father, you wanted to see me?'
Welcome, Ars.

 My father said this in a firm tone of voice.
 I felt like I hadn't heard my father's clear voice in a long time, as he had been unable to speak properly lately.

 Although his emaciated appearance hadn't changed, there was a life in my father's eyes today. Until yesterday, his eyes were like those of a dead man, empty even when he was conscious, but today's father had the same eye power that frightened those who looked at him as in the past.

'It's a bit hot, isn't it? What day is it now?'
It's November 2nd. Would you like me to fan you if it's hot?
That won't be necessary. It's already summer. I think it was spring not long ago, but you've been sleeping a lot.
Yes, it was difficult while your father was asleep. He needs to feel better soon.
I know. I will cure a disease of this magnitude tomorrow.

 After my father said this, the room fell silent for a few seconds.

'Ars, there's a lot of things I haven't told you yet,'

 Looking into my eyes, my father said.

'I would love to hear anything you have to say about your father.
'Do we need to talk about that nonsense now? Let's talk about the life I've led.

 My father said, and looked up at the ceiling.

'I was born in a different place than this Randolph. It's a farming village in a corner of Meesian. The lords there were vicious, taxing lords who lived in constant poverty. When I was about ten years old, I couldn't stand that kind of life, so I ran away from home and left the village to go to town. That day was the day that the Governor of Mythian was visiting the town. The lord of the town was an old nobleman of the Mythian family, and he invited the governor to a party or something. It was a long time ago, so I don't remember the details. It's such a vague memory, but there's something I remember clearly.
Excuse me?
'The sight of the Governor, astride a large white horse, with a group of soldiers in luxurious armour, advancing through the streets of the town. At that moment, I was struck by a shock. Until then, when I thought of aristocrats, I thought of the vicious lords who ruled my family's home, so I was shocked by the Governor's magnificence and grandeur. I was shocked by the magnificence and grandeur of the governor, and I thought that I wanted to become a governor and lead a large number of soldiers.

 My father talks about the old days with a faraway look in his eyes.
 I knew he used to be a farmer, but this was the first time I had ever heard of what exactly his life had been like.

'Then I taught myself to practice the sword, became a soldier and fought to the death, and then after I was successful in battle, Master Rumeil took me in and I found myself as a lord.
Does your father still want to be a governor?
You're a weak lord, but I'm sure you're content with a life that's more like heaven than you used to be.

 My father finished and then said, "Ghohohohoho! He began to cough.

'Are you okay!
'Oh, gosh! Whoa! ...Huh ... I guess I talked a little too much.

 My father catches his breath.

'Well Ars, take care of the rest.
"What is in the Lumberg is the treasure of my life. I asked for my vassals, my lords, my wife, Ren and Kreitz. I would have preferred not to ask a favor of you, a child, but now I have no choice. You have a gift for measuring human genius like no one else, Ars. I'm sure you can lead the Loebent family to the right path.
'And as for you, maybe you feel responsible for what happened to you, but that's not true. This is the path I have chosen for myself. You are to take over the House of Laubent with your head held high. Do you understand?

 I was at a loss for a response. I knew that to reply here would be to admit the reality of my father's death.

"Ars, don't be silent. Let me go and let me rest easy.


 After a long struggle, I nodded.

'Alright then........please.....

 When my father heard the answer, he closed his eyes and went to sleep with a peaceful face.

 He never woke up again, and three days later he passed away.


"From this day forward, I, Ars Rovent, will succeed my father, Raven, as the head of House Rovent!

 Then, as my father had told me, I proudly and proudly declared in front of my vassals that I would take over the House of Laubent.

 My father had built this family in a single generation.
 It would be difficult for the still-weak family of Rovent to survive in these difficult times.

 They must become strong.

 I was determined to use my strength to make the House of Rovent strong and to protect what my father had created.

 And then, a few days later, I received word that Governor Meesian's son, my brother Clan Salemakia, had raised an army.

 From that day on, my days of struggle as head of House Rovent began.