43-Episode 43

 A man with this look? And a twenty-two year old adult. And a very high status. Is his name Mazak?

 Did your appraisal skills bug you because you used it too much?
 I put an appraisal on the leets and got a normal reading. It doesn't seem to be buggy.
 I ran the appraisal again to the clerk to make sure, but it showed the exact same status.

 It seems there is no mistake in the status.

 ........Could this be.......could this child Mazak be the Commander of the Shadow?

 That's the only status I can think of. At least with a status like this, it would be impossible for him to be a mere civilian. I don't care if it's just a high limit value, but the current value is almost at the limit as well. In other words, he's trained quite a bit.

 If this status is normal, then Mazak is probably the Commander of the Shadow, nine out of ten.

 If you think about it, the Shadow is a mercenary group that gathers information and crafts. The appearance of a girl may be suitable for them, as they are easily caught off guard by others.

 But a twenty-two-year-old man with this look.

 Is it a strange race, or is it a stunted disease?
 If it's a stunted disease, I feel like he can't get to this level of status, so I wonder if he's not a normal race.

'Um ... was there anything else you wanted to ask for?'

 The clerk gave me a troubled look.
 Apparently she ... or maybe she had seen too much of his face.

 You're the Commander of the Shadow here, right? It would be better not to ask.

 I don't know why, but at least during the day, I'm working as a clerk, not as a commander, so he won't take the job if I point it out to him here.
 On the other hand, because I have discovered who I am, it could hurt my pride and cause animosity.
 If I give them a bad impression, they may not accept the job. It was safer not to point out anything.

'No, it's nothing, sir.'
'Oh, I see. Well, I'll get you some water.

 He said that, poured some water and brought it to me, put it down and left.

 The tone and detailed gestures make him look like just a girl. This is a man, for example, and even if he were to reveal himself to be so, he would only think it was a joke until he saw the evidence.

''Master Ars, you are quite concerned about the girl you just met, aren't you?

 Lysia asked me that.
 She's smiling, but it feels like her eyes aren't smiling. It feels a little angry. I wonder if the fact that she was looking at Mazak was something that bothered her.

 In an effort to quell Lysia's anger, I decide to be honest with her about why I was looking at Mazak.

'Maybe that boy is the Commander of the Shadow,'

 I said in a low voice so they couldn't hear me.

 They all gave me a pouting look at my words.

'It was a girl about my age, right?
No, he's a twenty-two-year-old man.

 Everyone who had heard the story was surprised.
 It was a little chilling, but well, if you're just surprised, there's nothing wrong with that.

''Jeez, I'm just kidding. It's just a joke, because in my eyes, it looked like a girl, right?
There's no doubt about it.
I........I can believe that he's the Commander, but it's hard to believe that he's a man and twenty-two years old.......

 Well, even I'm skeptical of some of the results of the appraisal as far as gender is concerned, so it can't be helped.

''I believe it. It's what Arus-sama says. But did Ars-sama also have the power to detect the hidden gender?

 Reetz seems to believe it. Since he's been with me the longest, his confidence in the accuracy of the appraisal is probably the highest.

''If she's the Commander, why don't you go and request it now? I'm just tired of waiting.

 Charlotte told me so, and I explained that I should keep my mouth shut, as she wouldn't take the request now. Charlotte gave me a frustrated look but reluctantly agreed.

 After a few moments, I felt the urge to urinate, so I headed for the bathroom.

 Rietz offered to follow me to the escort, but I refused, as the place didn't seem to be particularly rough and I felt embarrassed to follow him to the bathroom.

 Well, while I was in the bathroom, Reetz would be vigilantly watching the area around the bathroom entrance.

 I went into the bathroom.

 This world has a decent amount of sewage, so the toilets aren't that unsanitary.

 I did my business and turned around to get out of the bathroom.

 At that moment, my heart almost stopped.

''You, how did you know I was the Commander of the Shadow?''

 Mazak was standing there, looking like a different person than he had been earlier.