44-Episode 44 Fam

 How long have you been behind me? 
 It was as if I didn't feel a sign. I wonder if it is possible to muffle the signs so much when you are right behind me like this.

 Mazak's expression was like a bright girl when she was serving customers, but now it's different.

 She's staring at me with a blank expression. With a cold expression, she's like a different person. It's hard to believe that one expression can change so much.

This is the first time, though. My true identity has been exposed.

 But how does Mazak know that I had a hunch about his identity? 
 Let's go outside and play dumb.

What are you talking about?
'There's no point in playing dumb. You've been speaking in hushed tones, but I've heard every word you've said. You are Ars Loebent, the present head of the Loebent family, and you came to the shop to make a request of me. Then somehow you discovered that I was the Commander and that I was a twenty-two-year-old man. Isn't that right?

 He must have been conversing with Mazak at a great distance. If he was still listening, then he must have exceptional hearing. Otherwise, he might not have been able to gather information.
 But as long as he's asking who told him, maybe he wasn't listening to the entire conversation.

'I had a hard time getting in because some of the guys were oddly wary. I only know the stuff from this store, because I came all the way through a different route. You've come that far, I'm going to make sure you'll tell me how you found out who they are.

 Reetz still seemed to be watching over them.
 'I don't blame him if he went through a different route.

'I'd like to find out how I got to that point to know who you are.
I am absolutely sure that I can hide who I am. It would be too weird if you didn't ask me how to do it now that I've found out, right? If there were any flaws, let me know.
"...no, you were completely lost in the clerks.
How do you know, then?

 I decided to answer why.
 In this situation, if I'm silent, I'm at risk of being harmed if I'm not good enough.

 I explain that I have the ability to appraise.

''........the ability to understand other people's abilities......?''
''That's right. You had the ability of a master class, that's why we determined that you were the Commander of the Shadow. By the way, that ability also tells me your name, gender and age. Your name was Mazak Find, wasn't it?

 Mazak's eyes widened in surprise when his name was pointed out to him.

 Then he meditated and smiled.

'That one's a hazel. That's a name I discarded a long time ago. Now he goes by the name Fam.'

 You've changed your name.
 It seems that my appraisal ability only shows the first name given to me and not the name I changed.

''But for someone who works in a business like mine, it's an ability that's a natural enemy.
'Yes. Hiding your identity is very important in this business. And I like my looks. No one would think that someone who looks like a woman's child could be a secret agent. That's why I try to keep my true identity to only those I can trust. And when I ask for a favor, I try to keep my face to myself. The only people who know about it are Alex and the other members of the group.

 Then I couldn't ask how something like me, who had found out unexpectedly, was doing.
 I must be in a much more dangerous situation right now.

You can either be on the side of a dangerous person who has the power to find out who I am, or you can take care of them. Which do you think is better?

 My heart leapt with a thump when I was asked that.
 This could be a big deal if I give the wrong answer. My heart rate gradually increases.

'It would behoove me to take sides, of course. You do know that I am a House of Rovent, don't you? If you harm me, they will not remain silent. I've already told them who you are. You will be turning the House of Loebent against me. Furthermore, the county chief's family will most likely become an enemy as well, and you will not be able to work in this town.
You can get a job in another town.
Can I get a job in another city so easily?
Well, it will be a hassle at first, but as long as you're good enough, it won't be a problem.
'Even if you start work elsewhere, my vassals will continue to chase you to the ends of the earth until they kill you.
We'll just kick back.
My vassals are strong, aren't they?

 After exchanging that much of the exchange, Pham suddenly began to laugh, "Kukkuk.

'Don't be so frightened. Your heart's been beating so loudly for a while now, huh? Well, it's just a kid, so what can you do?

 We exchanged a level head, but I think he heard the sound of my heart and realized that I was upset.

'I'm just kidding. I don't mean you any harm," he said, "I like unique people. I like unique people. Your abilities are dangerous, but they are also extremely unique. I'll take requests from people like that.
 It's a good thing that you're not the only one who's interested in this, because it's a good thing that you're a nobleman, and as long as you show that you're capable, you won't go out of your way to tell people who you are.

 I was relieved when he told me he was joking.
 I thought he was going to kill me.

'I'll hear your request in the evening. Wait until then.

 To be honest, he seems to be a bit dangerous, so I'm not sure if I should request him or not, but if I say I've stopped requesting him now, I'll be completely antagonistic to the fam.
 If I did, I would have to continue to have my life targeted. Since I want to avoid that, I will have no choice but to make a request here.

 With that, Pham was about to leave the bathroom.

Lady Arus!

 Rietz jumped into the bathroom.

 And as soon as he sees Pham, he draws his sword and slashes at him.
 Pham takes out a knife from his pocket and catches Leets' sword.

'Wait Leets stop. That person is not an enemy.''
'What? Oh, is that right? I'm sorry about that.

 Rietz pulled away apologetically.

'I guess it's going to be more beneficial to take sides, after all. I'm not saying you can't win, but that man, it doesn't look like you'll be able to kill him easily even if you fight him.'

 With that, Pham left the bathroom.

'Um, are you sure you're okay?'
Yeah, no problem.
'I see. I didn't realize I was watching you. It looks like there was another entrance. But, just as Master Ars said, it seems that he is the current leader of the Shadow. I didn't expect him to accept my sword so easily.

 From Reetz's point of view, it seems that Pham is still not just a guy.

 I walked out of the bathroom with Reetz and sat down.

 Then Pham went into clerk mode and served customers as a girl, as if nothing had happened.

 How could she change people like that? It was no longer as if it was a different person than it had been earlier.

 Time passed and it was nighttime.

 Alex came up to our table.

Sorry I'm late. Now I'm going to take you to see the Shadow Commander, Pham.

 That's what he said.