45-Episode 45: Request

 Alex tells us he's going to show us downstairs to the fam and we follow him.

 We walked up the stairs to the third floor. We opened the locked door and we walked in.

'Fam, we have a guest........................what the hell? Why are you so bareheaded today?
They know, so there's no point in hiding it.

 Alex is a little disconcerted, as if he can't swallow the situation.

'They know... what? Are you telling me that they figured out that you're the Commander of the Shadow, working for them?
'Yeah, I heard the kid over there had an unusual ability. I could spot it in one shot.
"Ma, seriously...

 Alex seems to be quite shocked. It must be such an unexpected situation for the shopkeeper state fam to be detected as the leader of the group. Since he must have seen that highly perfected shopkeeper's disguise on a regular basis, it's not surprising that he thinks so.

''A, Ars was right, that person really was the leader of the group.......''
Is it true that it's a man...?

 Lycia seems to doubt that Pham's gender is male. Well, even in the state of expressing her true nature, she looks like a woman and her voice is lower than when she was a shopkeeper, but it still doesn't sound like a man's voice.

'I'm definitely a man,'

 Lycia didn't seem to completely believe him when he said it, but it didn't seem to matter if Femme's gender was male or female.

'By the way, that outfit is not my hobby. The most careless person in this world is the female child. If you can be that, you'll be more successful in your job. You're working as a clerk, I suppose, for practice.

 You've been working for practice. I think he's perfectly dressed as a girl, but does Pham think he's still not good enough?
 Is it possible that he's been doing this for a long time to keep the disguise from being perfected?

'So, let's get to the details of your request as soon as possible.
Hmm? Did you decide to take the commission?
Yeah, he's got a unique ability. He's a lot of fun.

 I explained my request to Pham.

Can you do it?
It's a stupid question. Of course we can. We're the best at this kind of information gathering. We'll have a short window of opportunity.
You could do it in a week.

 It doesn't seem to take as long as I thought it would.
 I was expecting it to take at least a month, so I was surprised.

I'll give you a discount since it's the first time you've asked for it. I only need one gold coin. I'll ask you for three silver coins, about a third of the advance.

 Three silver coins, cheaper than I had imagined.

 This is enough to spare even with the money I have on hand.
 I was going to bargain the price in some cases, but it seems to be unnecessary. I pay the three silver coins.

Every time. I think it will be done in a week, but give me two weeks time to make sure. Come back here in two weeks' time, at night.

 That's where the negotiations with Pham ended.

 I thought we'd discuss a few more things, but it ended surprisingly easily.

 All we have to do now is wait and trust in Pham's skills, but looking at the results of the appraisal and the quality of the disguise, I think it's safe to say that his skills are good.

 We left the shop.

The negotiation is over so easily. I came along for the sake of being useful, and there's nothing I can do about it.

 Lycia is apologetic.

 I could have made the request, so there's no need to be sorry at all. Let's follow up here.

''I had fun just being with Lisia-sama.
Huh? I don't mean....

 Lysia heard my words and blushed with a dumbfounded expression on her face.

 After that, she turned her face down. After about three seconds passed, she looked up.

I've enjoyed the company of Master Arth.

 He said that with a big smile on his face.

 Of all the smiles I've seen from Lysia so far, she looked the most radiant. It was like a smile from the bottom of my heart.
 I knew in my gut that this was probably not a fake smile.

 Then we spent the night in the castle and went back to the mansion.

 Two weeks later, we visited Tremps at night as we were told.