53-Episode 53: Alcantes Castle

 After talking to the Clan, I returned to the party. The time I was out of the room wasn't very long, about twenty minutes in experience.

 The party lasted longer and passed the year. By then, some of the nobles had gone to bed drunk or were gone, so there were fewer people than at first.

 Thirty minutes after New Year's Eve the party was over, and I went to sleep in my room, which had been prepared for me.

 And the next morning.

 The mood of yesterday's celebration was completely changed.
 The Clan issued a notice to the nobles to prepare for the upcoming battle.

 He said that they would hold several military conferences from now on, and begin their invasion of the enemy territory in earnest.
 Since it's not that far away, he ordered the nobles to be ready to fight at any time.

 The party was adjourned and I returned to the mansion, joining Reetz and the others.


 Alcantes, the provincial capital.

 Before the founding of Samafors, the city was called the royal capital Alcantez, and has been the center of Mythian for over a thousand years.
 It has a population of over 500,000. It is one of the largest cities in the Samaforce Empire.

 Towering in the center of the city is Arcantes Castle.
 It is the largest castle in all of Myssian.
 It is so black in color throughout that it is called a jet black castle. This is because it is made of the Black King Stone, a sturdy and long-lasting stone. This stone is precious and pricey in its own right. This castle was created a hundred years after the creation of the Kingdom of Mythian, which shows how rich Mythian was at the time.

 Inside the castle is a room called the Discussion Room.
 In this room, with a round table in the center, the nobles were gathering in this very room right now to hold a military council.

'Has the ruse against Perena been broken?

 A man with shoulder-length black hair made that statement.
 He was Basamark Salemakia. He was the second son of the deceased former Governor and the man vying with the Clan for the position of the next Governor.

'I don't know how he did it. I thought it was a bad idea. Well, well, even if they were on the enemy's side, it wouldn't change our advantage.

 The man sitting to Basamark's right answered.
 He is Thomas Grangeon, the man who is said to be Basamark's right hand man.

 Thomas has a shaved head and a stern face with a full beard. He is also tall and has a body that looks like a mass of muscle.
 He looks as if even his brain is made of muscle, but he has a great mind.

"But it doesn't hurt that Perena is on the other side.

 An old man sitting to the left of Basa Mark muttered.
 The diminutive old man with the white haired head 《Shiragatama》 was Remus Ibas.
 He was a wise general who had been lending his wits to Mythian for decades.
 He is also the mayor of the county of Lomax, adjacent to Alcantes.

 Today's military discussion was being led by the three of them.

'The enemy's entire army is about 150,000 men. Considering the need to leave troops at the state line, it would be about ten thousand less than that.
We can mobilize 180,000 men. "We can mobilize 180,000 men, but the quality of the troops must be better than the enemy. Many of the soldiers in the West have always been strong, and the Clan has hired the Maitreau mercenary group. All in all, I'd say they're evenly matched in strength.
But I don't see much of a guy, except for the Clan.
We're overwhelmed in terms of personnel. We can't afford to lose.

 Basamark thought he had a high probability of winning this fight.
 But not a hundred percent.
 Being a cautious man, Bassamark wanted to be able to say he had a hundred percent chance of winning.

'Thomas. Where is your sister now?
'What? Is that him? I don't know. I'm sure he's drunk somewhere.
You have no idea? I'm hoping that we can let bygones be bygones and help.

 The moment Basamark said that, the place buzzed.

You're not serious, Bassamark. You can't be serious, Bassamark, making him your vassal again.
''Your abilities will be perfect. Well, even if we can't make him a vassal, we should at least bring him back and lock him up in the castle. It will be very troublesome if he sides with the Clan.
No, that's true but it's true that I don't know where he is.
You don't have any idea?
Not at all.
'With a woman that prominent, it would be a rumor, but still, not at all? Not just Thomas, but other things too.

 They all shake their heads.

'Mmm, I see.'
He's probably dead in the field or in another state. And even if he were in Mythian, there isn't a nobleman in the world who would hire him. He may have a track record, but he's just a dangerous drunk right now.
'So that's it...'

 Basamark was left with some trepidation, but he decided to forget about the woman for now.