54-Episode 54   Report

A military council.........

 Back in the mansion, I explained to Rietz that I might be joining the military council with Roselle.

''It's quite a burden, that's... well, I've still given Raven-sama a lot of opinions about warfare, but Roselle is completely inexperienced.
That's what I'm worried about.
'Participating is a good experience for Roselle going forward, but I have to say I don't know if I can give a good opinion at this point.

 I was of the same mind as Reetz. I won't say that it's impossible, as my intelligence is still high, but will I really be able to come up with a plan that will be enough to turn the tables on those who are known as the enemy's intelligence generals?

'By the way, it's the same for me. The enemy's military strategists are far more experienced in actual combat than I am, and if there is more than one such person, I honestly have no confidence in them.

 Is it still so?
 Had I made a mistake in accepting the offer?

I hope I can find some great people.
'I don't think you'll get a story that falls from the heavens so easily,'

 Right now, we can only hope for Reetz and Rosell. Rosell, in particular, has the potential to get over the hump and grow a lot as he gains real-world experience.
 Roselle's intelligence limit is 109. There won't be many who are higher than this.

''Master Ars, I have something to report to you.

 The vassal said this in a hurried manner while he was talking to Rietz.

We've received reports that someone from The Shadow has arrived in Tremps.
It's been a month already. All right, let's hurry up.

 He had several vassals in the Canale to facilitate the transfer of information.
 They must have sent a report to him.

''Master Ars, why don't you ask The Shadow to find some personnel this time?''
'Talent search? Can you ask for that?
''I'm sure it's not impossible. You may not be able to measure it as precisely as Master Ars, but Pham is the Commander, so I'm sure he has a good eye for people at the very least.
'Right. Can I re-evaluate the person who was referred to me and decide whether or not I can use them and whether or not to hire them?
Yes, you should.

 I don't think it's going to be that easy to find people to use, but it's better than not.
 There are a lot of people in Arcantes, and there may be some talented people lying around.

 Deciding to ask for the discovery of human resources as well, we hurriedly headed to Tremps in Canale.


 Tremps had Ben.
 Sure enough, I couldn't remember his face, but I remembered his status and distinctive name, so I could quickly identify him as Ben.

'Here's a letter containing a report from the Commander. Please take it.

 I took the letter from Ben and read the contents.

 First of all, he had tried to sneak into the Castle of Alcantes, but apparently it was impossible due to the high security. It said that if he couldn't sneak in, he would make a connection with a senior official at the Castle of Alcantes and ask him to hire him as a servant.
 I'm gathering information on who would be the best person to approach in Arcantes. So far they haven't been able to gather any useful information.

 After reading the letter, I paid him his fee for the next month.

'I have indeed received it. I'm sure I'll be able to provide you with some useful information next time.
You're on it.
Okay, then.
Wait a minute.

 Ben was about to leave early and I stopped him. I hadn't told him yet that I wanted him to bring in personnel.

'Actually, I have an additional favor to ask, can you hear me out?'
What is it?

 I told him that if I found someone who looked competent, I would like him to introduce me to the Lamberg family.

'That's probably all right, if that's the extent of it. If I make the mistake of introducing someone incompetent by mistake, would there be any penalties?
''No, that won't happen. On the contrary, I'll pay you twenty gold coins as a bonus if you introduce me to someone competent.
Twenty? I understand. I'll go back and ask the Commander, but I think I'll take it.
You're on it.

 After completing my requirements, I went back to the mansion.