57-Episode 57: Mireille Appraisal

 After requesting the Shadow to gather personnel, I myself went to the town of Canale to search for personnel.
 Although this is a town where we have searched for people many times, we haven't seen everyone yet because there are so many people there. We looked for people with the talent of a military strategist, but again, it is not so easy to find.

 I haven't returned to the mansion for a long period of time because I'm looking for personnel while staying in Kanare.

 He told his subordinates to deliver any reports to the mansion as soon as they reported to the mansion, as he had told them where they would be staying.

 He is currently staying at the inn at night.
 The only people who are coming with me are Rietz, Roselle and a few other vassals.
 I've asked Charlotte to strengthen the magical soldiers. I need to not only gather personnel, but also strengthen the soldiers.
 Roselle is in Canale, but not at this inn.
 When I told him that he might come to the military council, he felt enthusiastic and asked me to study more.
 However, I had already read all the books in the mansion, so I asked Lemayle if he would let me read some of the books in Canale Castle, and he was happy to oblige.
 He seemed to be staying at Canale Castle recently.

 By the way, the inn he's staying at is near Tremps. I've asked Alex to tell me as soon as Ben returns to report back.

 Well, it wasn't that long ago that I was here before, so he won't be here now.

 Or so I thought.

Master Arth. Ben's here. He's here to see you.

 That's what Alex reported to me.

Yeah, I think I found us a hotshot.

 That was surprising.
 To be honest, I didn't expect them to find someone so quickly.

It's my personal opinion, but it seems like you shouldn't expect too much. I saw the personnel, but she has a pretty bad vibe.

 It was a woman who brought him here? That's also surprising.
 Women are rather looked down upon. If he wasn't someone whose status was visible like mine, it would be unusual for him to endorse a woman as a vassal.
 Did she seem to have so much talent?

'I'd like to see you anyway. You're in your usual room, right?

 Alex nodded.

'Let's go then, Leets.'
Yes, sir.

 We made our way to Tremps.

 We entered Tremps and climbed the stairs to enter the room where we always made contact with The Shadow.

 When we entered the room, there was a woman with a strong presence beside Ben, a man with an unimpressive face.

 He's one of the largest of the men in terms of height. She was about the same size as Reetz.
 Her black hair, which grew to her waist, was shaggy.
 He has quite a good eye for detail, and you can't help but feel pressured.

''Don't tell me you're the lord of Lamberg?''

 He looked at me and said so.

What a surprise. You're still a little boy.

 To be clear, this is not an attitude towards the nobility. In a word, it is rude.
 A little bit of leets becomes a miffed expression. I'm not the type of person who cares that much about rudeness, so I don't get angry.

'Can I assume that you came here with the intention of serving me?'
'Yes. I didn't think it was a child, but I'll let it slide at this point.

 When the woman says that, Leet's expression gets even more grim. She doesn't like the fact that it looks like she's making a compromise.

'What's your name?'
"Mireille Grangeon.

 When I heard the name Grungeon, I thought I'd heard it somewhere else. Now I can't remember it in a flash.

 At any rate, since this Mireille would be the woman who has been recommended to me, I decided to use my appraisal.

''I heard that the boy has a good eye for people? You know what Lynne said? I doubt it's true for a child, but it is.

 I was about to appraise him, but he spoke to me, so I responded before I did.

'Yes, but who is Lynn?'

 Then Ben came right up to me and overheard me and said, "It's about the Commander.
 I was curious as to why he was overhearing, so I asked him why, and he said that Mireille hadn't served the Rovent family yet, so he didn't want them to know the identity of the Shadow. In fact, there's a lot of information I haven't told him yet, and it seems that Ben is set up as a civilian with connections to me. It was Pham who discovered Mireille, and Ben is supposed to be Pham's brother.
 I didn't want to ask him about the details because it seems to be complicated in many ways.

'What are you talking about? Well, that's okay. So? How's that? Do I look competent in your eyes, little man?
I'll be there in a minute.

 Perform an appraisal that was interrupted.

 Mireille Grangeon, 30 years old, va*in*.

 Leadership 93/98
 Valor 70/72
 Knowledge 102/103
 Politics 51/55
 Ambition 100
 Infantry B
 Cavalry C
 Archers C
 Magician B
 Fortress C
 Weapons A
 Naval C
 Air Force C
 Plan S

 I witnessed the phenomenal status.